Council urged to dump i360 seafront tower plan

Posted On 16 Jun 2010 at 8:26 am

Campaigners are calling on the council to bring an end to plans for a 150m tall viewing tower on Brighton beach.

A petition against the proposed i360 tower, designed by London Eye architects Marks Barfield, will be presented to Brighton and Hove City Council’s cabinet when they meet on Thursday (June 17) at Hove Town Hall, in Norton Road, at 4pm.

The document, signed by 15 residents via the council’s e-petitions website, reads: “Scrap the current plans the construct the i360, as it will ruin Brighton’s historic Georgian seafront. As of June 2009 another £20m pounds were needed to complete the project and we do not feel that the attraction is worth this amount of trouble or money.

“It may provide a nice view from above, but from street and beach level, this attraction will not do one of Britain’s most iconic seafronts any favours and it’s the locals that will have to live with it.

“The locals will not pay the £7 fee to “ride” more than once or twice. The falling numbers of tourists visiting the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth (which as a city, is far more similar to Brighton than London (and it’s eye) is) adds proof of the short-lived public interest in such attractions.”

The tower was originally planned to be built two years ago but has been on hold because of financial difficulties.

Some piles were driven into the site, at the land end of the derelict West Pier, earlier this year and part of the pier wreckage was removed in order to satisfy a condition of the i360’s planning permission.

Businesses have argued it will boost the local economy.

  1. Franziska Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly with the residents.

  2. caes Reply

    i thought it was dumped but no one told the people concerned

  3. jon Reply

    What is it with miserable people who can’t see the beauty in this ? A tall wonder for Brighton,fun and TIME must move on EVRYWHERE.Its called PAST-FUTURE.There is no harm in mixing future with past.And many old vic buildings look tatty anyway these days.
    I hope this goes ahead,and im sure im in the majority

  4. Sara Reply

    As a resident of Regency Square, who pays a considerable percentage of rent for the great location of my abode, I do not wish to see a ghastly, plastic looking object ruining my seascape. I’m all for progress, but as above mentions with Gunwharf’s Spinnaker Tower, visits are flailing now. At least the S.Tower is part of a modern complex in a shopping centre – the i360 is not this. It would be more suited down by Brighton Marina, not obscuring part of Brightons iconic Regency esplanade.

  5. jon Reply

    Lol,it is in no way ”ghastly”.Its not all pretty victorian motifed up the shaft,no.True.
    This tower will be good for the city,what is aas much modern as victorian city.
    And i’m sure many would flock to see the views every year.I think the admission may be cheaper than Spinnaker,for a start.
    And i don’t think many structures would get built anywhere if the objections of a few richer folk were the main consideration.

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