North Stand Chat closes due to legal threats

Posted On 01 Jul 2010 at 7:56 am

The popular Brighton and Hove Albion forum North Stand Chat has closed overnight due to threats of legal action over potentially libellous postings.

Forum manager Darren Mackay, of Yatton, Bristol, posted this message on the site last night.

“NSC is temporarily closed in order to ensure people read, and take notice of, the following:

“Today I received a threat of legal action relating to potentially libellous postings on NSC.

“Please be aware that NSC is not here to allow people to make libellous postings about individuals and oganisations. If you have a grievance with someone, please use another avenue to air it

“I have always ‘run’ (I use the term loosely) NSC as a hobby of sorts, and I’m simply not prepared to assume legal and/or financial risk for the reckless actions of others. NSC logs quite a bit of information about you and it is likely that it could be used to locate and identify you, should the need arise. You are almost certainly not as anonymous as you may think.

“Simply – please think before you post.

“Darren (Bozza)”

This is the second time in recent months the site has been closed after threats of legal action. In October last year, they closed for about four hours after police officers had warned Mr Mackay he could be charged for several offences, including public disorder, and stirring up racial hatred, and that sentences can be increased for offences aggravated by sexual orientation.

  1. GT49er Reply

    Hope Darren can delete the *****s that caused this – most of us posters on NSC just enjoy sharing thoughts about our football club. Long live NSC!

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