Fire engine 'abandoned' in quiet Brighton street

Posted On 24 Sep 2010 at 6:28 pm

A fire engine has been reported as having been abandoned in a quiet Brighton street.

A resident reported the “rotting” vehicle on the Fix My Street website which is monitored by a number of councils, including Brighton and Hove City Council.

Fix My Street’s Brighton and Hove and Hove pages can be accessed via the Brighton and Hove News home page.

The post about the fire engine, which is parked in The Deneway, Withdean, can be seen here.

There are no parking restrictions in the street.

The report said: “There is an old Dodge Fire Engine, reg number RYD966R, which looks to have been abandoned.

“This vehicle has been here for several months and is literally rotting away.”

Sussex Police stuck an abandoned vehicle notice to the windscreen of the fire engine in August.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are in touch with the owner who claims the vehicle is not abandoned.

“We have told him that we have requested an inspection by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (Vosa).

“If it is deemed unroadworthy, it will be removed.

“We understand that it is now for sale.”

  1. quedula Reply

    It has been there for several years. Not several months as the report states. Its got green mould growing on it.

  2. nigmag Reply

    I’d love to know how he gets his MOT without the vehicle ever moving an inch!

  3. quedula Reply

    Good point nignag :))

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