Albion promise to tackle problem parking on match days in Coldean

Posted On 11 Aug 2011 at 5:39 pm

Brighton and Hove Albion has promised to tackle the parking problems faced by some people living in Coldean on match days.

The club said that it wanted to be a good neighbour and took the complaints of residents seriously.

Albion responded after Labour councillor Jeane Lepper, who represents Hollingdean and Stanmer on Brighton and Hove City Council, said that she had been inundated with complaints.

Councillor Lepper said that the football club had to take action to prevent further match-day parking chaos after some residents were blocked in when they wanted to go out.

Others she said could not reach their own driveways when they reached home.

She said that residents had told her cars were left parked on grass verges, in front of driveways, on double yellow lines and, in some cases, they were double parked.

There were no road signs warning that parking was for residents only, she said, and no one checking whether cars were parked properly.

She said that during the construction of the new stadium at Falmer, residents were assured that measures would be in places to prevent problem parking.

Councillor Lepper said that she had contacted the club urging them to take swift action at this early stage in the season, to ensure such parking problems are resolved.

She said: “Residents in Coldean are very angry about this and I have been inundated with complaints, especially from around Park Road, Park Close and Rushlake Road.”

On Tuesday evening, she said, vehicles were parked inconsiderately with no signs of the stewards who were a familiar sight around Withdean on match days.

Councillor Lepper said: “Local people were prevented from reaching their own properties and those that were in them could not leave.

“Emergency vehicles would not have been able to gain access.

“During the construction of the new stadium local councillors were assured that measures would be in place to prevent situations like this from occurring.

“That’s why I’m urging Brighton and Hove Albion to take action and nip this problem in the bud.”

Albion chief executive Martin Perry said: “The initial feedback we had from police on duty in Coldean was that there were no parking or traffic issues – and until now we were unaware of the incidents Jeane Lepper refers to.

“Now these issues have been brought to our attention – albeit via the local media – I am sure they can be easily resolved for future games.

“I would like to reassure Coldean residents that the club is committed to making the transportation to and from the stadium work to everyone’s benefit: supporters, staff and of course our neighbours, and all residents of Brighton and Hove.

“Overall, for the first four matches at the stadium, the transportation has been a great success.

“But we would like to remind all supporters to be responsible when attending matches at the Amex, and remind them that if they park illegally, be it double parking, double yellow lines or on grass verges, then they can expect a parking ticket in future or the possibility of having their vehicle towed and even their season ticket being revoked.”

  1. Paul - Peacehaven Reply

    I hope Brighton are going to sort out the train mess as well that was experienced on Tuesday night ..We had to wait until 11.15pm to get a train to newhaven. If Brighton and Hove want me to use public transport then i suggest they sort out this then i wouldnt be forced in to parking in Coldean!

  2. caeos Reply

    The buses gave up trying to get through.

  3. Plan Red - Coldean Reply

    If parking isn’t a problem in Coldean on match days, why then was I put on hold by the Police twice tonight for at least 15 minutes on each occassion when I wanted to bring to their attention the continued problem of match day parking.

  4. Barry Reply

    We the residents of Coldean dote so much have a problem with you parking in the correct parking eras the Albion & the University of Sussex have provided you on mach days & evenings, witch may I add have more than anoth places for Albion fans to park, the problem we do have is when you park your cars on the pavements & grass verges or in eras for residents only & tenants driveways so dote give it if the council did this or that & you wouldn’t have to park in Coldean, lets be honest you cant be bothered to park in the eras provided for you by the University of Sussex because you have to catch a bus provided by the Albion.

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