Brighton woman lived with partner's dead body for five weeks

Posted On 21 Aug 2011 at 10:52 pm

A disabled Brighton woman was found in a frail state five weeks after the death of her partner, who was also her carer.

Jessica Makarab, 51, of Tyson Place, Grosvenor Street, Brighton, lived with his dead body because she was too ill to report his death.

She is in such a poor way that she cannot even remember his name, his age and whether they were married.

The dead man is believed to have been called Terry or Terence and his surname is believed to have been Denman, Steadman, Stedman or Makarab.

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His birthday is believed to have been 20 June but the year is not known.

The couple moved to Brighton from Bradford just over 20 years ago.

Sussex Police said that Ms Makarab and the body of her partner were found on Valentine’s Day – Monday 14 February.

The discovery was made only after neighbours reported their concerns, not having seen them since Christmas.

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Ms Makarab was seriously ill and may not have survived much longer had she not been found.

Officers do not believe that the death was suspicious but that Ms Makarab’s partner collapsed and died.

Legally, the dead man needs to be properly identified so that an inquest may be opened and a funeral may be held.

Anyone who can help identify the dead man or who has information about him is asked to contact Brighton and Hove coroner’s officer Penny Bailey on 01273 665526.

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