Brighton and Hove bus company honours retiring boss

Posted On 09 Mar 2013 at 12:55 pm

Roger French has been honoured by colleagues at Brighton and Hove Buses by having his name included on the front of one of their vehicles.

The honour is usually reserved for notable people with a connection to the area long after they have died.

Argus columnist Adam Trimingham was one of the few living people to have had a bus with his name on, also to mark his retirement.

Roger French

The bus company brought in the tributes in 1999 and includes details of its current fleet on its website here with links to potted biographies of each person. And it includes information about how the bus names came about with an invitation to suggest other suitable people here.

Mr French joins poet Rudyard Kipling, who lived in Rottingdean, wartime leader Winston Churchill, who went to school in Brunswick, Brighton comedian Max Miller and Magnus Volk, who built Volk’s Railway.

Mr French, 58, retires as managing director at the end of the month. On learning of the tribute, he said: “Hope I’m not dead yet.”


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