Brighton Station cycle hub approved by planners

Posted On 17 Jul 2013 at 2:54 pm

Train operator Southern Railway has been given planning permission to build a cycle hub at Brighton Station.

The three-storey building will provide storage for 500 bikes. While 80 existing bicycle parking spaces will be lost to make way for the building, the station will have about 670 parking spaces when work is completed.

The cycle hub will also house showers and changing rooms, a cycle shop and café. Cyclists will be able to hire bikes and take their own bikes there for repairs.

The hub will be run as a not-for-profit scheme with funding from Southern Rail, Network Rail, Brighton and Hove City Council and the Department for Transport.

Thirteen members of the Lower Goods Yard Traders Association objected to the proposal.

They said that the modern design and excessive scale were not in keeping with the station’s listed building status.

They also said that the building would be severe and over-dominant, would create a wind tunnel and lead to a loss of light for those operating out of the Trafalgar Street Arches.

They had concerns about the impact on local businesses, including a cycle shop and cafés.

Councillors Bill Randall, Mike Jones and Lynda Hyde were disappointed that the building didn’t have either solar panels or a green roof.

Councillor Graham Cox said that it was not the most beautiful building in the world but it was overdue.

Councillor Leo Littman called for charging points for electric bikes.

The council’s Planning Committee unanimously approved the scheme.

An operator is expected to be appointed in the coming months.

  1. Paul Perrin (@pperrin) Reply

    Currently bike parking is free – presumably this purpose built thing will have running costs attached… so whats the charge for bike parking going to be?

    Even if ‘not for profit’ it will have running costs that the current flat bit of pavement doesnt…

  2. Olaf Spence Reply

    I would have thought Amsterdammers would make a perfect operator for the cycle hire if they’re interested

  3. Valerie Paynter Reply

    I was at Planning and heard this application being determined. The whole redevelopment area (New England Quarter)is bleak. This added to that arid, stony and lifeless landscape. Not a tree, not a green wall, no earth to plant climbing Boston ivy to soften the thing. Nada. There is a little strip of land the trumpet as some kind of green lane through it all – its barren, exposed and fit only to cycle through.

    The New England Quarter puts a chill up my spine. I highly recommend it as a creepy place to film a thriller.

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