Martlets home care division makes £200k for Hove hospice

Posted On 20 Aug 2013 at 11:53 am

The home care division of the Martlets charity has now earned more than £200,000 for the charity since it was set up six years ago.

The charity said: “Martlets Care, the social enterprise side of the Martlets Group that provides care in the home and supported living, has passed the £200,000 milestone in its contributions to the much-loved Martlets Hospice.

“The Hove-based care provider, which has donated all of its profits to the Martlets Hospice since it was formed in 2007, provides services that help people with care needs to remain independent in their own homes.

“Since its first financial year-end in 2008, Martlets Care has made profits of over £213,667.

“This amount equates to 616 days of in-patient care or 237 weeks of care at home for those with terminal illnesses.”

Caroline Lower, the Martlets Group chief executive, said: “This is an important milestone for us, moving toward our goal of achieving £1 million in donations to the Martlets Hospice by 2023.

“Our contribution to the hospice for the current year will exceed the target of £115,000, so we are well on course to reach our goal.

“It was a bold step for us to establish a care agency within the Martlets Group but the move is paying dividends in terms of the financial support that we can provide to the hospice and also the home help and personal care that Martlets Care now delivers to both young and elderly people in Sussex.”


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