Brighton student aims to become Britain’s youngest MP

Posted On 29 Dec 2014 at 1:37 pm

An 18-year-old Brighton student is standing for Parliament at the general election.

If elected, Solomon Curtis, a Sussex University politics student, could become Britain’s youngest MP.

Solomon Curtis

Solomon Curtis

Mr Curtis has been chosen as the Labour candidate for Wealden. The constituency includes the towns of Crowborough, Uckfield and Hailsham.

The university said: “Solomon Curtis probably won’t have to choose between Parliament and his studies.

“Rural Wealden is a safe Conservative seat and the current MP, Charles Hendry, had a majority of more than 17,000 at the last election in 2010.”

The former Youth Parliament member, who comes from Hastings, told his local newspaper: “I want to be an MP in the future so this will give me a lot of experience. I am looking forward to the next five months.”

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    I have said that Sussex could be very interesting for the Green Party, what with the horror people find at fracking (which Labour supports). Sussex is no longer Tory, and especially interesting will be the Labour/Green tussle in Hastings.

    • Solomon Curtis Reply

      I am 100% against Fracking!

  2. Lloyd Russell-Moyle Reply

    Solomon will be an amazing MP. We have seen the Tories in East Sussex cutting buses, cutting rural services and hurting villages the most. The Liberals only want to delay cuts and it was only the Labour group in East Sussex CC that brought forward motions to try and stop cuts to rural bus services. As for fracking let’s be clear the Labour line is not in favour or against but one to set tough regulation on fracking to protect water, our communities and the environment. Only if these hurdles can be overcome and there no other alternative powers sources will Labour promote fracking. It is a more robust to saying “no fracking under current technology” than just a blanket ban which is actually easier to challenge in the courts.

    Labour have the compassion for Coast and Country but also has the practical skills to ensure that our county and its services are protected and not just make nice “radical” statements without practical implementation.

    • HJarrs Reply

      You are living in a dream world. Labour is a pro austerity, neo liberalist party, it’s activist base hollowed out by 20 years of betraying its principals.

      I hope Soloman has fun during the elections, I am sure that it is character building stuff running for election. However, after his degree, I would recommend that he takes a break from the political bubble he is in and gets a career outside politics for a few years to broaden his outlook and experience of life. There are now too many that have followed the conveyor belt of the professional politician.

      • Amanda Caine Reply

        There are many aspects of your wretched Green Party that are strange, bizarre and highly unnatural….

    • Chaz Wyman Reply

      If he has any serious political ambition then he has already killed it. Labour needs to support Lucas and the Greens not oppose Labour in Kemptown. Caroline is more Labour than most of the MPs. If I lived in Pavilion I’d vote for her despite being a member of Labour. In a world where the political system is corrupt we have to consider obvious deals to unseat the Tory minority dictatorship.

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