Council investigates Viaduct Road mural

Posted On 11 Mar 2015 at 2:42 pm

A giant graffiti mural painted on a house in Viaduct Road in response to a council request to spruce it up is being investigated by council officials.

Aroe MSK in Viaduct RoadBrighton artist Aroe MSK painted the mural across two house fronts in Viaduct Road on Saturday, having been commissioned by the landlord.

He said he had been asked after residents in the street had been issued with a “cheeky” request to tidy up their houses.

Today, Brighton and Hove City Council said it was investigating whether it would be taking any action over the mural.

A spokeswoman added: “Local residents and the local area action team have told us they are concerned about the number of properties on Viaduct Road in a poor state.

“We are investigating and a letter has been sent to all properties asking for their help to improve the appearance of the street. This includes works such as clearing rubbish from front gardens and re-painting properties.

“We will continue to work with and support the community to improve the area.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has previously required businesses to paint over murals which breached advertising guidelines, including two Western Road restaurants, A Taste of Sahara and Pie Society.

The Pie Society mural, which the restaurant was told to paint over in 2013, has not yet been removed even though the restaurant has stopped trading.

  1. Brian Warren Reply

    So what does “investigate” mean? If it was something that needed planning permission, surely the council spokeswoman would have said that.

  2. Acidpod Reply

    Why? Why is this council trying to wipe out any expression of creativity? This beautiful house that brings a smile to people’s faces is a great example of the individuality of Brighton. More of this I say!

  3. England needs Reply

    That end of the street is the cleanest and this is why brighton exists for art like this, I’m 52 so not the hippest cool cat in town, but really this artwork should be listed.

  4. Sarah Reply

    I think this is a fantastic idea! It brightens up a gloomy road! Very Brighton!

  5. Gerald Reply

    It is disgusting that they would paint graphic scene like this on the side of a house where children can see it! I walked past with my son and daughter yesterday and I had to cover their eyes immediately. I am shocked that what is certainly classed as a graphic scene of pornography and violence should be projected on this house. I hope the council will remove it immediately for the sake of all the children in this town.

  6. Emma Reply

    In response to the last comment..Where exactly is the pornography and violence in this mural?? It’s completely inoffensive.

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