Election result: Hangleton and Knoll

Posted On 09 May 2015 at 6:12 pm

The Conservatives have taken the third seat in Hangleton and Knoll from Labour, giving them all three in the ward.

Nick Lewry joins Dawn Barnett and Tony Janio on Brighton and Hove City Council. Councillor Lewry won the seat previously held by Labour veteran Brian Fitch who retired.

Hangleton and Knoll

(3 seats)

Dawn Barnett*, Conservative, 3,801

Stuart Bower, UKIP, 848

Andrew Clarke, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 104

Oliver Eke, Liberal Democrat, 372

Demi Heath, Green, 556

Chris Henry, Labour, 2,545

Tony Janio*, Conservative, 3,177

Nigel Jenner, Labour, 2,644

Nick Lewry, Conservative, 3,038

Patricia Mountain, UKIP, 682

Lorraine Osborne, Green, 458

David Patrick, UKIP, 671

Martin Perry, Labour, 2,024

Natasha Steel, Green, 687

Turnout was 70.39 per cent and 30 ballot papers were rejected.

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