Drunk man injured after tombstoning from Palace Pier

Posted On 22 Jun 2015 at 11:08 am

WITH VIDEO: A young man was injured after drunkenly jumping with his friend from Brighton’s Palace Pier at low tide on Saturday night.

The RNLI Brighton lifeboat was scrambled to rescue the pair after they jumped at 8.38pm and had difficulty reaching a safe point.

When the lifeboat arrived, one of the two men had climbed up the unused pier steps, and the second was clinging onto them, conscious but clearly beginning to tire.

A crew member entered the waves to get him onto the lifeboat, where he was given first aid after complaining about pain where he had landed on his chest.

Once the lifeboat was back at Brighton Marina, he was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital by the South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Jade Cohen one of the volunteer crew for Brighton said, “The two men jumped at low water this evening, so would have had a long way to fall and not a lot of water. Clearly their intoxicated state added to our concern for his wellbeing, and we’re glad this one ended well.”

The RNLI has renewed its warning about the dangers of entering the sea without taking the proper precautions.


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