Brighton bus crash driver has ‘significant injuries’

Posted On 07 Jul 2015 at 10:21 am

The driver of the bus that crashed into the back of another bus in Brighton yesterday has suffered significant injuries, his family said.

And crash investigators are looking at the possibility that the driver lost consciousness immediately before the crash.

Three other people who were hurt in the crash in North Street remained in hospital this morning (Tuesday 7 July).

Bus crash 20150706Brighton and Hove Buses managing director Martin Harris said this morning: “We have received updated reports on our driver’s condition from his family this morning.

“He has suffered significant injuries.

“We will be remaining in contact with them during the day and during the coming days.

“We are following news of the other passengers that were injured in the accident yesterday and our thoughts are with them all.

“I would like to thank everyone for the many messages of support we have received for our driver and for our staff at the scene. This has been really appreciated by us all.

“Equally the appreciation we all have for the outstanding work of the emergency services yesterday and the wonderful help of the neighbouring businesses in North Street is clear.

Martin Harris

Martin Harris

“Further investigations with VOSA and the police, including a thorough examination of the buses involved, are under way again this morning.

“As previously stated, we will be considering all possible causes during our investigations, including the vehicles and the health of the driver prior to the accident.

“We won’t be able to draw firm conclusions as yet but, in view of speculation and rumour around issues associated with the driver’s health, I can confirm that this aspect of yesterday’s events has been thoroughly examined and will be reviewed with our colleagues in the investigation.

“The facts indicate that appropriate actions were taken by my staff.

“As the investigation reaches a conclusion, I will make a further statement.”

  1. Iain Chambers Reply

    I think that regardless of the causes of this accident it is an undeniable reality that bus drivers regularly jump the lights at the Clock Tower (as indeed do many other drivers at that junction. I’m sure that this could be verified via cctv but I know that, without any exaggeration, I observe drivers jumping this set of lights more often than not.

    I wish those injured in yesterday’s accident speedy recoveries.

  2. Bobby mcafey Reply

    Think you’re being a tad dramatic there! If they did that they’d be sacked and if it was that much of a concern to you why haven’t you reported it?

    • feline1 Reply

      Bobby, if we all stopped to “report” every traffic offence we saw when walking down the street, it’d take us about 1 hour to go 10 yards.

  3. Bobby mcafey Reply

    It’s Mr Mcafey to you good sir and I’m not saying every incident but an incident such as this that is important and a regular recurrence would not take long at all.

  4. Patrick Reply

    I heard from a reliable contact within Brighton Buses that the Driver in question reported for work not feeling well and was pressured to drive.

  5. Selina mclarney Reply

    Awful what happened , those poor people , traumatic for all .

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