Brighton rapist faces jail after being convicted for a second time

Posted On 10 Jul 2015 at 6:03 pm

A man who raped a woman in Brighton earlier this year had previously been convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl.

Philip Olliver, 32, is being held in prison while he awaits sentence for his latest attack.

At Lewes Crown Court Judge Charles Kemp warned him that he would be jailed.

In Brighton in the new year Olliver followed a 19-year-old woman who was alone after a night out and then raped her.

The court was told that he had been cruising for sex at the Devil’s Dyke after work then went to try his luck on Brighton seafront.

Philip Olliver

Philip Olliver

He parked in St James’s Street and almost immediately spotted the teenager who was drunk after a works do.

He befriended the young woman at about 2am and led her round a corner, by Ardingly Court, where he raped her then fled.

Sussex Police linked DNA left on the 19-year-old to Olliver’s DNA profile on the national database from his previous rape conviction.

When Olliver was 16, he pleaded guilty to raping a 16-year-old girl as she walked through Buckingham Park in Shoreham. He pulled her into overgrowth before attacking her.

He was sentenced to five years in a young offender institution.

But this time he denied the charges. Olliver, of West Lane, Lancing, admitted having sex with the 19-year-old woman but claimed that she consented.

He pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape, sexual assault by penetration and sexual assault by touching.

But the jury at Lewes Crown Court took less than 90 minutes to find him guilty of all the charges yesterday afternoon (Thursday 9 July) at the end of a four-day trial.

Olliver told the court that he didn’t go out looking for sex, adding: “It’s just something that happened.”

He admitted driving to a car park at the Devil’s Dyke where, along with other men, he watched a couple have sex in their car.

When asked why he then drove in Brighton rather than home to his partner, he said: “I was going down to Madeira Drive because that’s where more of that action happens.

“I was heading to the seafront to the mid level of the promenade because that’s an area where people meet to have sex.”

He said that when he met his victim, she led him round the corner at Ardingly Court. He claimed that they had stopped and kissed.

Ryan Richter, prosecuting, said: “Within seconds of meeting she kissed you? This girl you had met – seconds before – kissed you? You found that a bit strange?”

Olliver said: “It’s strange but it’s not uncommon to see that.”

Mr Richter said: “In your interview you couldn’t remember her name. Was there any real conversation between you?”

Olliver said: “No.”

Mr Richter added: “Within a few minutes you were both engaged in pretty heavy sexual activity on the stairs.

“The truth is you took advantage of that lady on that night. You identified her as someone who was drunk and vulnerable and followed her up the road.

“You guided her round the corner. Pretty quickly she was sick and then she passed out and you sexually assaulted her … You sexually assaulted her and raped her.”

Detective Sergeant Dee Wells said: “Olliver poses a huge risk to the public, especially young women. He has twice attacked women on their own.

“Olliver arrived in Brighton with one thing in mind and took advantage of the drunkenness of the 19-year-old who crossed his path.

“He has shown no remorse for the terrifying ordeal he put his victim through but his conviction will mean women in Sussex will be safer when they go out.”

He will be sentenced on Thursday 6 August.

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