10 things we saw at Brighton & Hove’s Rugby World Cup weekend.

Posted On 20 Sep 2015 at 2:53 pm

1) Radio’s – you can listen to the match commentary and the referee from the comfort of your seat – should you really want to.  

2) Queues- far bigger and a perhaps a little  more orderly than the regular match day lines to Falmer.


3 Flags – This USA fan rally nailed his colours to the mast  

  4 Flowers – it might catch on- but we may not see Albion fans with flowers in their hair when they take on Cardiff City in two weeks 

5) Go Manu? – in this we case with think it is a chant to cheer on Samoa.

And not yet used to encourage Brighton & Hove Albion’s new winger Elvis

6) Umpire- this chap was on hand to direct fans to the correct stand and encourage late comers to get to their seats pre kick-off

7) Old bags ! – stewards and officials searched anything larger than a purse. And with only a few minutes to kick-off much to the displeasure of some. 

8) Playful Stewards – none of your over zealous enforcer types – as these guys treated fans to syncronized and semaphore crowd control 

  9) And still they come – with kick-off seconds away fans hurry towards their Brighton Community Stadium seats 


10) The haven’t got a ticket-ers

These poor chaps appeared to have fallen foul of a duplicate ticket problem. 



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