Smoking ban on Brighton beaches set to be dropped

Posted On 07 Dec 2015 at 2:33 pm

Controversial plans to ban smoking on Brighton and Hove’s beaches and in its parks look set to be dropped by the council after a huge public response.

butts on pebbles
Almost 2,000 people responded to the online consultation, two thirds from city residents and just under a third from visitors, with community groups, businesses and others making up the rest.

Just one in five supported a smoking ban in parks, historic gardens and beaches, with a strong majority strongly disagreeing. Even amongst non-smokers, there was no majority support for a ban.

A report on the consultation said: “Opposition to extending smoke free outdoor spaces falls mainly in to three camps, the perception that, there is no evidence that second hand smoke is harmful, the perception, of negative effects on the local economy and human rights/big brother/Nanny State.

However, it added: “There is support amongst Brighton and Hove non-smoking residents for restaurants and pubs to have smoke free outdoor spaces and the majority of all residents who responded agreed that it was antisocial to smoke where people are eating and drinking.”

And about three in four people agreed that smoking should be banned in play parks, children’s centres and at school entrances.

Smokers were significantly over represented in those responding to the survey compared to the city average of 23%, with the rate amongst non-resident respondents rising to 52%.

The report, due to be discussed by next Tuesday’s health and wellbeing board, recommends that the council encourages primary schools to implement a voluntary ban at their entrances, and continue its voluntary ban on smoking in playgrounds and at the entrances to children’s centres.

It also recommends the council work with restaurants and pubs to encourage smoke-free outdoor areas on a voluntary basis.


  1. Mark Magenis Reply

    I wonder how much this wasted effort cost local tax payers, let’s hope it’s not resurrected as an annual drain on precious local resources.

    • Paul Perrin (@pperrin) Reply

      It will keep coming back… the progressive lefties in the council want to control every aspect of residents lives, so will keep chipping away.

      I am sure it will be amusing to hear what the council think about vaping…

  2. CathyB Reply

    Cannot understand why people think it is OK to leave their cigarettes butts on a beach, in parks etc., some even burning! Very disappointed in this U turn. Not a case of control, it is a case of consideration and caring about the environment.

  3. Rob Reply

    I only smoke weed on the beach and the tips i leave behind are 100% hemp paper / card and fully biodegradable. 🙂

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