Portslade woman devastated after cat found decapitated

Posted On 25 May 2016 at 7:57 am

A Portslade woman was devastated when her pet Jiji was found dead in woods near her home yesterday morning – but her dismay turned to horror when she learned the cat had been decapitated.



It’s not clear how Yoko Watabiki Coleman’s 10-year-old cat came to be found with its head missing, but a vet at New Priory in The Deneway told Yoko she felt sure it had been done deliberately.

The RSPCA said that it was more likely that the injuries had been caused by wildlife post mortem, but asked anyone who had any evidence of foul play to come forward.

Yoko, who lives in Dean Gardens, said: “Our cat was found dead in woods which people use for walking with their dogs yesterday morning. She had a cut head off. We are so sad and angry. I want to warn people who have pets around here. Hope the nasty things would never happened again.

“I would like everyone to know about it, to stop it happening again.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “This death must be a very upsetting for the cat’s owners.

“We want to reassure pet owners that thankfully acts of deliberate violence against dead cats are rare and thorough research has shown that these kind of injuries are very often caused by wildlife after death and due to the small teeth it leaves a very clean wound. This would not even be apparent to a vet without an in depth post mortem.

“However, it is difficult to be sure of this, so would ask anyone with any information or evidence of to call us on 0300 123 8018 and let us know.”

  1. Sharon Waters Reply

    Hi, my husband saw thus cat whilst walking our dog in the woods Sunday evening. The cat was all intact (with head), he said it looked young definitely deceased, he couldn’t stop or doing g anything as he was trying to keep our dog away.
    Thought you should know as you will be worrying cat owners that there are vicious people out there when there isn’t. My husband did ask me if I knew of anyone that had a missing cat and whether it had been on FB

    • Andrew Colemsn Reply

      Actually it was the vet who examined her who believes that a blade was used to remove her head. We now know thst someone has been doing this elsewhere to animals already dead. Police etc are investigatiing. Cat owners are right to be worried, other cats have been found in the same area with legs cut off… Explain?!

  2. Al Bion-Street Reply

    Option 1: there’s a crazed nutter out there who’s certain to become a psycho like out of that book which was featured in the Daily Mail – and he’s probably Eastern European, too.
    Option 2: some hipster saw a cat skull in a bell jar in Snooper’s Paradise with an outrageously high price tag, and reckons he could make his own from a dead cat he found in the woods.
    Now, shall we all calm down a little?

  3. Elizabeth Reply

    Hi my husband also saw this cat unfortunately dead in the woods on Sunday morning. The cat was still intact. My husband was also unable to do anything as he was trying to keep our dogs away. We have contacted the police & the vets today as soon as I heard the news on the radio. I felt it was imperative the owners know the cat was sadly dead but intact Sunday morning My heart goes out to the owners of Jiji.

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