i360 got stuck because of loose sensor and oversensitive balance system

Posted On 13 Sep 2016 at 8:53 pm

Loose sensors and an oversensitive balance system have been blamed for the i360 pod getting stuck, stranding hundreds of passengers on board.

The i360 stuck on Thursday night by Colin Deady

The glass pod stopped moving twice in the last week, for two and a half hours on Thursday and then just over an hour on Sunday night.
It has been closed since then for tests.

This evening, architect and chair David Marks said: “On Thursday 8 September the British Airways i360 pod stopped because of a load imbalance.

“Investigations reveal that the load and balance system settings were too low, which meant the system was over-sensitive.

“When the pod was near full capacity this triggered the default safety mode and the brakes were automatically applied.

“To mitigate this, we operated to a lower capacity until we were able to adjust the settings and upgrade the software. This was done yesterday (Monday 12 September).

“This evening, technicians will check the new load levels and test the settings to ensure the pod is now operating to the weight and balance levels for which it was designed.

“On Sunday 11 September one of the sensors around the pod docking stations at boarding level became loose and gave a false reading to the control system, which again put the pod into safety mode by activating the brakes.

“All the sensors have now been checked and tightened and will be monitored regularly to ensure they don’t become loose again.

“We have a highly qualified engineering team on site during all operating hours and we are confident that these same issues will not happen again.

“We are running final checks tonight and will announce in the morning our plans for reopening.

“We would like to assure our customers that their safety and comfort is our number one priority and apologise again for any inconvenience caused.”

One customer Chris Methold said: “I paid for a flight at 7pm. My flight was cancelled so I could not use my boarding pass.

“I went down to the i360 today to see them working, downstairs on the pod, floorboards up, cables all over, a mass of green pipes.

“I witnessed a special moment, when one of the workers, on the pod, put his hands in the air and shouted Eureka!

“They are replacing the wiring. Keep praying …”

  1. Bob Pendlebury UK Reply

    This should be closed down…I come from Portsmouth and can tell you the Spinnaker tower is infinitely safer and pleasing to the eye!

  2. roy Reply

    the same problem that Madeira Drive lift has: over-sensitive sensors and a little bit of rust….plus a shaft battered by the wind…

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