Is Uber going to launch tomorrow?

Posted On 27 Oct 2016 at 1:27 pm

Rumours that Uber is set to launch tomorrow afternoon are circulating amongst the city’s taxi drivers after the ride app held a series of information sessions for drivers earlier this week.

The company has applied to renew its year long operator’s licence, which is due to run out next Thursday, it was revealed last week.

Now, after four sessions were held at its Grand Parade premises on Sunday and Monday, it is strongly rumoured the launch will be tomorrow, probably at 4pm as has been the case in other cities.

Andy Peters of the city’s GMB taxi branch, said: “Rumours have been rife in the trade that Uber is going to launch at 4pm this Friday.

“It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact source, but it’s been talked about since the recruitment sessions last week.”

Uber is very popular in cities where it has already launched, with fans praising the low rates and ease of booking a cab via a smartphone app.

However, critics allege the company regularly breaks regulations and disability campaigners have slammed it for the difficulty of getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle. 

Citycabs has just launched a smartphone app of its own, which allows people to pay by credit card.

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    Fantastic news if Uber does begin operating in the city. About time there was some real competition for Hackney carriages.

  2. Jim Reply

    I used it a lot whilst travelling and Uber is great sometimes but rediculously overpriced others; pick your usage wisely.
    I generally find the Brighton cabbies to be pretty friendly and reliable with the odd exception. That said they have done themselves no favours by ignoring card transactions for so long, it’s 2016 not 2006 and there are a multitude of technologies to support it. Their cash only mentality is a royal pain sometimes so until they address that they’ll give away a ton of business including mine at times.

    • Steve Strutt Reply

      The. Majority of taxi drivers on 202020 ( Brighton and Hove streamline ) have the facility to do card transactions

  3. Baffled of Brighton Reply

    Could actually be real competition for the buses too when they get Uber pool up and running…

  4. sergei lebedev Reply

    sorry for english, i am russia. i have a very big excite about uber coming to brighton and my feelings are, as usual, everyone else will have a very big excite about uber coming to brighton.

    i wonder to myself, will uber a cheap accompany to brighton taxi? some taxi are very expense, i feel

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