Renewed plan to build three homes on Portslade site comes under fire

Posted On 23 Mar 2017 at 5:17 am

The latest plan for homes on a small site in Portslade has come under fire from one of the ward councillors.

Accountant and property developer Kenneth Elliott hopes to squeeze in three apartments on a modest strip of land behind Rowan Close.

Peter Atkinson, who represents North Portslade on Brighton and Hove City Council, spoke out on behalf of angry residents.

Councillor Atkinson said that Mr Elliott, from Findon, near Worthing, had submitted plans for the back of Rowan Close five times.

He said that Mr Elliott had put in a number of different proposals for “this tiny strip of land – all of which have been rejected by the council or, on appeal, by the Planning Inspectorate”.

He has now returned with a plan for three apartments, Councillor Atkinson said. But the privately owned strip of land, between Rowan Close and a new development called Hillcourt Mews, “is completely unsuitable for any sort of residential development”.

Councillor Peter Atkinson

Councillor Atkinson said: “I’m not against the use of small sites for building housing. I sit on the city council’s Housing Committee and our Housing Department is being ever more innovative in the use of small plots of land for residential development.

“This particular site, though, is simply not appropriate in my opinion”.

Local residents in both roads are concerned that their privacy will be significantly harmed and that the building work itself, being so close to existing properties, could damage their homes.

There would also be problems with access in such a confined space, Councillor Atkinson added.

The planning application is with the council’s Planning Department and residents have until Thursday 30 March to comment.

The deadline has been extended for some residents who were missed off the original list of consultees.

Councillor Atkinson has asked that the plans be “called in” which means that they cannot be given approval without being discussed by the Planning Committee where concerns can then be aired.

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