How well do you know Hove?

Posted On 28 May 2017 at 2:43 pm

As the political sparring between election candidates Peter Kyle and Kristy Adams hots up, we’ve designed a little quiz to see how well they and you know Hove. 

1) In the Great Rock & Roll Swindle what did Glen Matlock say Malcolm Mclaren had attended in Hove?

2) What did Henry Phillips build on Sir Isaac Goldsmid’s land near Palmeria Square?

3) Name the roads in Hove that lead off the Seven Dials?

4) What other areas of Hove did the Albion play in aside from the Goldstone Ground?

5) Name the two soap stars associated with Hove?

6) What is Hove’s most northerly referenced point? 

7) Name all Hove’s railway stations both past and present – 5 in total?

8) Which King and frequent visitor to Hove is the Kingsway named after?

9) Name all of Hove’s parks (not greens) 7 in total ?

10) Name the grocer type who was MP for Hove in the 1980s? 

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