Brighton student pleads for return of stolen memory stick containing dissertation

Posted On 24 Aug 2017 at 6:36 pm

A Brighton student has pleaded for the return of a stolen memory stick containing the dissertation for her Master of Arts degree.

Jaskirat Mann – known as Jazz – said that her purse was stolen with the memory stick inside and with just one week before she is due to hand in her work.

The Sussex University international relations student, who issued an appeal on Facebook, said: “I know I don’t have long but I feel Brighton residents are attentive.

“Basically it’s a leather black zip-around purse. I think the zip is gold, with a small gold ‘ochre’ on one side – that’s the brand.

“Inside is a railcard, Boots points card, British Library card and a few others as well as my bank card.

“The memory stick is yellowy-orange and pink and was zipped up in the coin section in the middle, along with a very small hoop earring and a few silver coins.

“My dissertation for my MA is due in exactly one week. It’s not completed but everything I need – all the content, all the work I’ve done in the past however many weeks now, is on it.”

Sussex Police said: “Police are investigating the theft of a black purse with a gold zip, believed to have been stolen from a 22-year-old student’s backpack as she walked between Clifton Hill and the railway station in Brighton at around 8.20pm on Wednesday (23 August).

“Among the contents of the purse was a pink USB memory stick containing her university dissertation, various bank cards and £30 cash.

“Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact police online at or call 101, quoting serial 210 of 23/08.”

  1. Gerald Wiley Reply

    So her only copy of her dissertation is held on a memory stick? What – no backup on the PC that wrote to the money stick or the university servers? What if the memory stick had developed a fault?

    • Jazz Reply

      Sadly the university servers had crashed that afternoon and I knew I had to be heading home to London so I sadly thought it’ll be fine I’ll back up on my laptop when I get home. Alas I never made it back to London and I never backed up

  2. Robbie young Reply

    Yup, classic mistake of not backing up ya work…

  3. Agnes Mlilo Reply

    I feel for you. I know how it feels, hopefully you get yr stick back. All the best.

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