Dozens of children recognised at Brighton and Hove Children in Care Awards

Posted On 17 Nov 2017 at 6:04 pm

children – many with challenging backgrounds – were recognised at the Brighton and Hove Children in Care Awards at the County Ground in Hove this afternoon (Friday 17 November).

Children, careers and social workers celebrated some of the unsung success stories of youngsters who have often overcome adversity and difficult circumstances.

There were youngsters of all ages, some of whom are off to university, with at least one hoping to become a social worker.

Their achievements and progress ranged across sport and leisure activities such as football, dancing and baking as well as in their school and college work and social lives.

Mayor Mo Marsh said: “We are here today to celebrate your achievements and I feel extremely proud and privileged to be here with you today.”

Brighton and Hove City Council’s executive director for children’s services Pinaki Ghoshal said: “Today is an opportunity to really celebrate the achievements of some of our children who are in care or who have been in care.

“We’ve got 33 young people who are currently at university. That’s a huge achievement.”

Others, he said, had gone on to college, apprenticeship or jobs.

Mr Ghoshal said: “Sometimes in my job I some other stories so it’s really lovely to hear about young people- some of whom may not have had the best start – whose lives have turned around.”

He praised the children and young people themselves as well as the careers, foster parents and social work professionals who had supported them and were sitting alongside them today.

The 44 children who earned awards were representative of about 420 children who are looked after by the council.

Mr Ghoshal said that changes made two to three years ago were paying dividends as the number in care was the lowest in Brighton and Hove since 2009.

There were fewer complaints, fewer referrals and fewer children in care as a result.

The council was, he said, still keen to recruit foster parents.

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