Firefighters rescue people from four different lifts over the weekend

Posted On 20 Nov 2017 at 12:20 pm

Brighton and Hove firefighters were called to rescue people from lifts four times over the weekend.

The first lift breakdown was on Saturday morning at one of the hotels in King’s Road. Crews from Brighton and Roedean were called at 9.27am and rescued four people from the lift.

Then in the early hours of Sunday morning, a lift at the Grosvenor Casino in Grand Junction Road broke down. Three people were released by Brighton firefighters after they were called at 4.37am.

A few hours later, at 7.09am, Brighton and Hove firefighters were called to a property in Wilbury Avenue in Hove and released one person from a lift there.

And then at 3.32pm, firefighters from Hove attended a property in Hove Street, Hove, after reports of a person trapped in a lift. Crews released one person.

  1. roulette-head Reply

    pleasure to read this but why not identify each property and not just only the casino?

    • Jo Wadsworth Reply

      It’s the only one we could identify from the information given by the fire service. Lots of hotels on Kings Road, only one casino on Grand Junction!

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