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Posted On 22 Nov 2017 at 5:17 pm

The KVB at The Joker, Brighton 21.11.17


The KVB are a boy/girl duo that you might not as yet of heard of, but they are definitely well worth investigating!

Last year, I timed it perfectly when walking into Brighton’s excellent Resident Records in Kensington Gardens as my ears pricked up immediately on entering the shop. They were playing something I hadn’t come across before and I really liked it. I made a beeline straight to the counter and enquired what was playing. It was an album entitled ‘Of Desire’ by The KVB. I purchased it immediately. As I was buying it, my wife came into the shop, having been taking in further delights on Kensington Gardens and she said this sounds like Gary Numan. That was exactly what I had thought.

Kat Day – The KVB

The ‘Of Desire’ album which the KVB recorded with vintage synths from Invada Records head Geoff Barrow’s collection, takes influences from artists such as Death In Vegas, Scott Walker, Roxy Music and Tubeway Army. Invada is also home to some of cinema’s most engaging soundtracks of recent years, having released the scores to films like Ex Machina, Solaris, Hannibal and Nicholas Winding Refn’s brutal neon masterpiece, Drive. Scoring films appeals greatly to The KVB.

Nicholas Wood – The KVB

‘Of Desire’ begun life as a bedroom project for then Southampton-based Nicholas Wood, to experiment with ideas around minimal electronica and shoegaze, The KVB has grown with partner and collaborator Kat Day, who hails from Harrogate, but you wouldn’t guess that from her accent. The now Berlin-based productive pair have released five albums of woozy and immersive anthems since 2010, with their prolific work ethic also extending to the release of a number of tapes and EP’s too.

The KVB at The Joker, Brighton 21.11.17

Up until this evening, I hadn’t had the chance to see The KVB play live, but tonight they were at The Joker on Preston Circus in Brighton. They are touring 7 UK venues in support of their latest releases ‘Always Then Revisited’, which officially comes out this Friday 24th November 2017 and their recent ‘Fixation’ EP.

The KVB new album – ‘Always Then Revisited’

The KVB release ‘Always Then’ – Anniversary Edition is coming out on CD this week, with the vinyl edition to appear early next year. ‘Always Then’ was the bands debut album from five years ago and the cover artwork features a photo of a building in the centre of Mexico City, which was taken by a friend of theirs. The KVB recently toured South America and actually made a pilgrimage to the same building and took updated photos. This gave them the idea of re-visiting their debut album and updating some of the tracks – hence ‘Always Then Revisited’.

Kat Day – The KVB

Tonight’s performance would include thirteen tracks, that roughly spanned their career so far. The duo were certainly well on form this evening and the packed crowd were very appreciative of each and every song.

Kat was of keyboard duties and synth girl moves and Nicholas was on vocals and fuzzy guitar duties. Whilst they were playing, I was endeavouring to ascertain which other artists I think that they sound like, so here goes………….

The KVB at The Joker, Brighton 21.11.17

If you like New Order’s ‘Movement’ album, then you will love The KVB. If you like the Jesus & Mary Chain, then you will love The KVB. If you like Moon Duo, then you will love The KVB. If you like the Sisters of Mercy, then you will love The KVB. If you like Joy Division, then you will love The KVB. If you like the vocals of Jim Morrison, then you will love The KVB. If you like Clan Of Xymox, then you will love The KVB. If you like the Cocteau Twins drum machine sound, then you will love The KVB. If you like Gary Numan’s anthemic vintage synth sounds, then you will love The KVB. If you like The Horrors, then you will love The KVB. If you like Echo & The Bunnymen, then you will love The KVB……….get the drift?

The KVB at The Joker, Brighton 21.11.17

This evening, their set started with three cuts from the ‘Of Desire’ album that I have, so that was a fantastic start. But boy, the brilliant tracks kept coming and coming and coming! They finished with a cover of the Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy For The Devil’.

Kat Day – The KVB

Oh my word, this is an outstanding concert, one of the highlights of the whole year I would say! Their backdrop films was virtually the only lighting on the night and so although it created the perfect mood, it wasn’t ideal for taking photos, but hey who cares! Myself and my mates are having a fantastic night out. As one of my mates said, “Just think of those sad people staying in watching I’m A Zedlebrity on TV, whereas we’re out having a brilliant time” – no contest really!

4 of The KVB albums

Having been sooooo impressed with The KVB, I purchased 4 of their CD’s to bolster my collection (including the new album which is out this Friday) and if they had more available, then I would have bought those too! So do yourself a massive favour and check out their releases here:

The KVB setlist from tonight’s gig

The KVB setlist tonight was:

‘White Walls’ (from 2016 ‘Of Desire’ album)

‘Night Games’ (from 2016 ‘Of Desire’ album)

‘Lower Depths’ (from 2016 ‘Of Desire’ album)

‘Always Then’ (from 2012/2017 ‘Always Then’/’Always Then Revisited’ album)

‘Fixation’ (from 2017 ‘Fixation’ EP)

‘In Deep’ (from 2016 ‘Of Desire’ album)

‘Awake’ (from 2016 ‘Of Desire’ album)

‘Here It Comes’ (from 2012/2017 ‘Always Then/’Always Then Revisited’ album)

‘Never Enough’ (from 2016 ‘Of Desire’ album)

‘Hands’ (from 2012/2017 ‘Always Then’/’Always Then Revisited’ album)

‘Dayzed’ (from 2013 ‘Immaterial Visions’ album)


‘Again & Again’ (from 2013 ‘Minus One’ album)

‘Sympathy For The Devil’ (from 2015 ‘Stoned A Psych Tribute To The Rolling Stones’ various artists album)

For more information on the band, visit their website:

The KVB tour poster

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  1. Martin J Fuller Reply

    Excellent review Nick, it was indeed a great gig. It’s a shame the Joker are stopping live music at the end of the year, it’s a cracking venue.

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Oh no! I didn’t know they were stopping live music! What a shame 🙁

  2. P-Diddly Reply

    How many of my favourite bands can you name-check in a review? Okay then, I’ll give them a listen… and they’d better appeal to me Nick, you scamp, or there’ll be berjeezus to pay!! ;^)

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Good luck 🙂

  3. Paul Reply

    Hee hee 😀
    I’m listening to them now on Deezer. Started with “Of Desire”, and yeah I’m liking them…
    “Long Train” (SOM) comes to mind straight away, which is never a bad thing. I can hear a bit of JAMC in there too.
    Yup, liking this, thanks Nick!
    I only wish they’d have played Brighton before Leeds, ‘cos I’d have gone to see them. Next time, eh?

    • Nick Linazasoro Reply

      Hi Paul, Fingers crossed that you will see them live next time around. In the meantime, enjoy their music 🙂

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