Opinion – A colourful take on the political landscape in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 24 Dec 2017 at 8:22 pm

For those of you becoming slightly irritated by the left-right, capitalism-socialism, May-Corbyn arguments, a note from me, as leader of the Conservatives in Brighton and Hove, regarding my personal views may be useful.

There are two types of politician who can bring most to the current discussions: Red Tories, where I place myself, and Blue Labour, where many Labour moderates should belong, but daren’t as Momentum-controlled reselection panels begin to take hold.

Red Tory and Blue Labour groups broadly wish to see stronger local communities, tradition-based civil society at the heart of any modern economy, and believe that a dynamic culture is needed to take advantage of our new technological age.

Brighton and Hove has digital, media and cultural excellence running through its veins – and we believe that it will be these dynamic sectors that will drive increased productivity across the city.

Wages stagnated following the Great Labour recession but, by supporting innovation, salaries will march on upwards again and our city will thrive.

Red Tories and Blue Labour also agree that many more houses and fulfilling jobs are required to grow a socially cohesive society and, surprisingly, that the high risk-taking culture of the City of London, who gambled and lost with our money, is in some areas immoral and needs to be better organised and regulated for the benefit of society as a whole.

So where do we disagree? Locally, Red Tories believe that the council should pay for essential services but that these should be delivered in the most efficient way – whether this is by the council, the community and voluntary sector or by outsourcing to local companies.

Blue Labour believes that these services should be almost wholly council delivered which, as many will have experienced, does not always lead to the best outcomes.

The real challenge we face is that we are witnessing the slow death of Blue Labour across Brighton and Hove as a Momentum-led far-left experiment begins to take a grip on the levers of power.

Red Tories and Blue Labour should now start to agree that this is should never be allowed to happen.

Councillor Tony Janio is the leader of the opposition Conservative group on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Ian Chisnall Reply

    I was keen to find out what Tony Janio had to say, he is after all a significant member of our Council and therefore a very valuable contributor. Yet the Council which has seen a three way split in terms of the parties that run the authority has also seen a number of Independent Councillors participating over the last 15 years. Although the Lib Dems are yet to regain a seat on the Council they still exist in the background. At a national level the role of the SNP and PC along with the Greens plus the Lib Dems and the DUP offer a significant contribution to the voice of Parliament. However Tony is arguing for a binary political scenario which is pure fantasy (or perhaps he is looking back 120 years in his history books).

  2. Dan Reply

    Tony: most people in B&H aren’t the least bit worried about ‘blue labour’ or ‘red tory’, they’re worried about the collapse of public services (amongst other things). Until your party strategises about this beyond being reactionary or producing alternative facts you’re below useless, you’re destructive.

  3. Jon Reply

    What is/was the Great Labour recession ?

  4. james Reply

    I think when he refers to the “Great Labour Recession” he is referring to the US subprime mortgage crash that caused the 2007 financial collapse!!

    Apparently it has become accepted wisdom (conveniently) that the need to support our banking industry as a result was Labour’s fault!


  5. Doug Reply

    I mirror some comments above. A beautifully written piece of mistruth. The recession was caused by a worldwide banking crisis which occurred under labour but which the conservatives supported the cause of by relaxing banking rules. The actual recession has ALL been undert he cobservative rule and excacerbatsd by austerity which is demonstrably not working.

    I wanted to hear the balanced centrist view which was promised but got more misinformation and politicking under the flag of balanced truth. Shame on you sir for flying a false flag.

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