Improvements to pavements and traffic lights to cause 12-week delays on busy Hove road

Posted On 09 Jan 2018 at 11:05 am

Drivers are warned to expect delays as the city council undertakes 12 weeks of essential safety works to a busy junction on Hove’s Old Shoreham Road, from 15 January.

The works will affect the junction of the Old Shoreham Road, Sackville Road and Nevill Road.

New-technology signals will be installed, aimed at improving traffic flows. To enhance safety, pedestrian crossing facilities will be upgraded, and footways resurfaced. This will include adding push-button crossings for Nevill and Sackville Roads.

Temporary traffic lights will be in place during the works. While the junction will remain open throughout, north and southbound traffic will not be permitted to turn right into Old Shoreham Road. Access to all nearby properties will be maintained.

A council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately there will be delays to traffic during the project and we apologise in advance for the inconvenience. Drivers are advised to find another route if they can.

“This project is part of the council’s long-term plans to improve traffic flows and make sure walking is more pleasant and safe.”

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    The Old Shoreham Road to the west of that junction needs to be improved, similar to the length of it by the Recreation Ground. It would become safer rather than a belter – and bring the areas to the north and south of it closer together. It does not take long to walk from Hangleton to Poets’ Corner but the grim Road makes them feel far apart.

  2. Valerie Paynter, saveHOVE Reply

    This means traffic up and down Fonthill Road will be huge for those 12 weeks – providing access to the Spanish school, Waitrose & the Greyhound Stadium by looping round the top of Hove Park from Goldstone Crescent. Not good.

    But the works are massively overdue & currently treacherous for pedestrians – near suicidally so for disabled, elderly, anyone with pushchairs, wherlchairs or walking aids. I hope plans adequately address these vitally shortchanged needs!

    These works also need to be addressing future needs when the Sackville Trading Estate is redeveloped.

  3. Andrew Reply

    Annoying thing is that only one person works part time to redevelop this junctions same as: lewes road and elm grove junction or dyke road and the upper Drive junction. I haven’t seen any one working properly or full time only you can see is machinery and temporary traffic light. One little project which one person if works full time can manage to finish in ten days. But council closing the junction for three month its seems to me that, roadworks company cheating on council to earn money or the roadworks company working for free. That’s what I think and please double check this company who takes the roadworks project. Thanks

  4. Leo Reply

    I would have thought a roundabout would have been more appropriate at this junction. It would improve traffic flow and reduce street furniture, freeing up space for pedestrian traffic facilities.

    • Mark Reply

      I agree, I think a roundabout would of worked well.

      • John Reply

        Sorry, but a roundabout would be chaotic as too many drivers would go too fast,in the wrong lane and fail to consider other users. In any case,four large properties would have to be demolished to make room.

  5. martin jennings Reply

    In any other part of the world this would take 3 weeks,but as usual 1 man and his shovel,temporary lights and working 9 till 5 this will cause us no end of misery for 12 weeks if were lucky.

  6. Mark Scott Reply

    If it’s anything like at Elm Grove it will end up the same as it is now.

  7. Late Forwork Reply

    This could have been done at night-time or during the school holidays.

  8. Dan Reply

    The council have not fought of the shops along old Shoreham road that will feel the strain,

  9. Barney Reply

    I wonder why this story took so long to appear. Perhaps it’s the “one man with a shovel” who never seems to be at work when I’ve had to go through that junction.

    It’s like coned-off sections of motorways, where there is seldom any work being done.

  10. Me Reply

    There was nothing wrong with the light sat sackville rd..have you used 5g technology here without warning the public of the dangers to health.cancer etc?..millions spent and council making huge cuts to our services.

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