Brighton charity celebrates 40 years of helping others

Posted On 11 Jun 2018 at 2:00 am

A Brighton charity has marked 40 years of helping others with a thank you to some of its scores of volunteers.

Brighton and Hove mayor Dee Simson joins Impact Initiatives for afternoon tea

Impact Initiatives, which is based in Brighton but also supports people outside the city, counts young and old among those who benefit from its work.

The charity hosted an afternoon tea and a trip on the i360 by way of a thank you, with the event starting a year of celebrations.

Chief executive officer (CEO) Caroline Ridley said: “We want to celebrate our 40th anniversary and use the year to develop our work further. We have a very exciting year ahead.

“Because we never forget our success in supporting many thousands of people over the years has only been possible with the help of volunteers, we wanted to start with an event to say thank you and recognise the importance of the roles they play.

“We never forget or take for granted how generously so many people give their time and skills.

“We searched for something that volunteers who live across Sussex and who are aged from 6 to over 80 would enjoy and chose an afternoon tea followed by a flight on the i360.

“We thought that the combination of good food and an adventure would suit everybody and a great time was had by all.”

Brighton and Hove mayor Councillor Dee Simson joined the team and congratulated them on 40 years of delivering services which genuinely improve people’s lives.

Impact’s volunteer roles vary widely – from children at WASP (the Whitehawk After School Project), who always make new children welcome, to older people who visit others and run groups at our Hop 50+ and Haven Centres and cafés.

Impact Initiatives celebrated its 40th anniversary with a thank you, especially to its volunteers

Caroline Ridley added: “We also have volunteer advocates who work with people with disabilities and self-advocates who support people with learning difficulties and Asperger’s, specialist young people’s counsellors and drivers for our minibuses

“We even have a volunteer therapy dog whose regular visits to one of our older peoples groups are always met with joy.

“Impact’s other celebrations over the next 12 months include an exhibition charting the last 40 years, a major conference at Sussex University, the Tour for Sussex sponsored relay event and taking part in the Martletts Snailway with their very own unique snail.”

For more information, contact 01273 322940 or visit

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