Surrenden coach house given year’s holiday letting trial

The owners of a tiny Brighton coach house have been told they can turn it into a holiday let – but only for a one year trial run.

The former coach house in Surrenden Road was previously deemed too small to be used as a permanent home so an application to use it for holiday rentals was instead submitted.

But after neighbours raised concerns about noise from parties and increased traffic, Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning committee was asked to decide.

When they met on Wednesday night, Labour councillor Clare Moonan asked for conditions on how late people could use its outside space.

She said: “People do behave differently when they’re on holiday in terms of noise and partying and staying up late.

“If you enforce every time you get noisy visitors they’ve gone back home again, that wouldn’t work either. You could get a string of people who could genuinely disturb the neighbourhood.”

Jackie O’Quinn was concerned about noise as she suspected the building would be used as an Air B’n’B.

She said: “There’ll be there for a weekend and be gone.

“It can bring quite a lot of disturbance in the area.”

She was also concerned about the small size of the bedrooms which she did not consider big enough for four people.

Councillor O’Quinn was also concerned it could be turned into a family home, but was assured it was too small.

Acting committee chair Green councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty described as a “creep” of Air B’n’B developments.

He said: “There is indeed a great deal of concerns and particular problems with this type of use.

“Is there something we can do to prevent this becoming a back door planning for an Air B’n’B

“How do we prevent more of this happening before it happens.”

He was assured by officers environmental health would be able to deal with noise nuisance.

The committee agreed with officers’ recommendations for conditions of a limit of four people staying at any one time, and 12 months temporary permission, described as a trial run.

Any future permanent permission would depend on whether any complaints were received.

Six of the seven-strong committee voted in favour of the plans, with Councillor O’Quinn abstaining from the vote.

  1. Helen Wrigglesworth Reply

    Hi Sarah Brooker-Lewis. I am the owner of this property and I’d really like it if you could kindly ask us for a quote if you keep reporting on our property (this is the second report within three days). Just to explain, the Coach House is just around 25 metres from my back door. We have 2 young children, one with special needs who doesn’t sleep well at night so we are going to be vigilant when it comes to letting out our beautiful Coach House (regarding ‘fears of noise’ from your previous report). We are a conscientious family who are mindful of our direct neighbours, who have all by-the-way given us their blessings (apart for one particular neighbour who doesn’t live close enough to us to directly affect him and no doubt responsible for most of the complaints). We have gone ahead, through the correct channels, employing a planning solicitor so everything is correct and above board. There is no ‘back door plan’ this is just an ideal property for short term lets. Again, if you feel there is a need to report on our property further, please please do knock on our door and I’ll happily give you a quote. Would truly appreciate it. Many thanks

    • Sarah Booker-Lewis Reply

      Thank you for your comment Helen Wrigglesworth. This is a report from the public meeting at Portslade Town Hall yesterday, quoting councillors comments. The previous report was based on the public papers published ahead of the meeting and comments on the city council’s planning website. If you had spoken at the meeting I would have quoted you. As the application was approved I will not be writing on this subject again unless it comes before a future committee. Should this situation occur I will pop round.

  2. Lynne Cornect Reply

    Good for you, Helen. On airbnb you are able to stipulate the rules and it’s your choice to allow people into your property. Be a great host and your guests will respect your wishes. Good luck to you.

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