Bus passengers chuck man off bus following racist abuse

Posted On 08 Jul 2019 at 3:13 pm

Passengers on a Brighton bus ejected a man after he shouted racist abuse at a Muslim woman and her young children.

The man got on the number 7 bus at the bottom of St James’s Street on Saturday shortly after 5pm.

He stood opposite the woman, who was wearing a headscarf and had two small children and a buggy with her on the bottom deck.

Almost immediately, he started shouting abuse at the woman, calling her and her children “f***ing Syrians” and “f***ing Muslims”.

But other passengers leapt to her aid, and just two stops later, the man was forced to leave the bus.

One passenger, Mark Laverick, said: “He launched into her for no reason. The woman wasn’t really responding to what was going on. I got the impression that this isn’t the first time this has happened which makes it even more sad.

“A couple of other passengers rallied round, and a big bloke from the back of the bus ejected him at Rock Gardens.”

PC Tessa Heath said: “We received a report of a hate crime from a third party who was on the bus. We have not been able to trace the victim.

“We would like to speak to a man who was on the bus in connection with this incident. He was wearing a baseball cap, a grey T-shirt, light brown camouflage shorts and blue and white trainers.

“If anyone witnessed the incident or knows who the man is please contact us online or ring 101 quoting serial 1383 of 06/07.”

Brighton and Hove Buses is handing over the CCTV to the police. The company said that its response team attends incidents like this, and if necessary, call the police. But on this occasion, the man alighted before this could happen.

Brighton & Hove Buses’ Managing Director Martin Harris said: “I’m pleased with the swift and positive response from every member of our team.

“We started our anti-hate crime campaign last year to encourage people to report hate crimes and to reinforce that we will not tolerate behaviour like this.

“Everybody deserves to feel safe and respected on our buses and we will do everything we can to ensure they do.”

Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle said: “I am pleased passengers took action: shows that we will not allow racism here in Brighton.

“I hope that Sussex Police will take immediate action to track down the criminal and charge him.”

  1. Gilbert Bligh Reply

    The tee shirt says it all – what a despicable coward picking on a woman and 2 young children – well done to the public for throwing him off the bus

  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Well done to the passengers getting rid of that hateful man. He should not be too difficult to find.,

  3. Shiri Goldsmith Reply

    What did Brighton and Hove team actually do. It seems it was the passengers that helped this poor woman and family

  4. Lynda Reply

    I hope this lady and her children are ok. What a horrible thing for her to have to go through . Glad she got help from other passengers.

  5. Dar Reply

    This is why I love England, normal people standing up for what is right!!!! Take a bow bus passengers

  6. Pete Reply

    Disgusting how this mindless rubbish happens. Well done to the passengers who helped the poor lady and her children.

    • Alia Khalil Reply

      Well done to the passengers. The good people coming together with courage is the only way to beat ignorance and hate crime.

  7. Vebu Video Production Brighton Reply

    This is right near our offices, Disgusting! Nice to hear that people wont tolerate that behavior.

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