Armed officers standing by for Labour Party conference duty in Brighton

Posted On 18 Sep 2019 at 5:37 pm

Armed police are on standby for party conference duty in Brighton as Labour politicians and activists prepare for their annual get-together.

Sussex Police said: “Armed officers, now a routine part of daily policing operations, will be deployed and police will again be making use of other safety measures such as road barriers in some parts of the city.”

The statement came as the force said that it was “preparing for a busy few days ahead”, with the arrival of the annual Labour Party conference – and the “climate strike” on Friday (20 September).

Sussex Police added: “There are a number of planned events outside of the conference venue during the five days of the event and police have advised that there may be some disruption at times along the seafront and other locations.

“However, there are no planned road closures other than the small crescent in front of the Grand Hotel.

“The planning for Operation Otter by Sussex Police and Brighton and Hove City Council, in liaison with the Labour Party and the Home Office, has been under way for the past year.

“It seeks to ensure the safety and security of those attending as well as residents and visitors in Brighton and Hove.

“In advance of and during the conference, uniformed and plain-clothes officers are out and about undertaking Project Servator, similar activity to what goes on at Gatwick Airport and other locations, encouraging people who live and work in the area to be ‘eyes and ears’.

“This is aimed at disrupting a range of criminal activity, including terrorism.

“There is nothing to suggest an increased risk but we would urge people to remain alert and let us know of anything that raises their suspicions – at all times.”

Superintendent Jane Derrick said: “As always, we ask that people demonstrate a certain level of personal responsibility including things like taking care of belongings, following personal safety advice and flagging any issues or suspicious behaviour to event staff or police.

“Disruption is being kept to a minimum with city centre car parks open as usual and fencing at the front of the Brighton Centre placed to enable people to walk by without having to cross the road. The only planned road closure will be the crescent in front of the Grand Hotel.

“Passes and a search will be a condition of entry to the Brighton Centre and people elsewhere may be stopped as part of the overall policing response with several hundred fringe events planned in the city.

“You will see more officers in the area in the lead up to and throughout the conference. Please talk to them if you have any questions.

“Policing levels for the city and the rest of Sussex will not be affected by the operation.”

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Will there be Police inside the building to pull apart Labour’s warring factions?

    • Rolivan Reply

      I doubt it but Spit Hoods might be required.

  2. L.Pugh Reply

    Pull all police out, you won’t get any truth out of any Labour party members so what’s the point of protecting them.

    • Pedro Gold Reply

      Maybe the police are there to protect us the Brighton public from the rabid Labour nutjobs.

  3. bradly Reply

    watch out for the sixth columnists too

  4. r Reply

    watch out for the sixth columnists too

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