Brighton and Hove taxi drivers could be made to take cards

Posted On 21 Oct 2019 at 9:43 am

Brighton and Hove based taxi drivers could be made to take card payments as part of their licensing conditions.

The council is currently asking the trade for feedback on plans to impose the condition for drivers to have card readers.

Andrew Peters from GMB Brighton and Hove Taxi Section said: “At the moment it is thought that about 75% of the trade have these already but there are places like Coventry which have recently made it a condition of licensing.

“And whilst it would certainly be make it easier for the customer it is questionable as to whether it is correct to impose such a condition which is in effect a commercial decision for the individual drivers.

“When it is taken into consideration that the council issues licences for the selling of alcohol we wonder if the council could also impose a condition on those vendors.

“However at the moment it is too early to make a judgement on this because we don’t know the full details of the conditions that are being proposed and we are currently making enquiries on this.”

  1. Geoff Reply

    They should really be made to have all taxis electric as a condition of contract. Lets move into the future already people!

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