Park and ride plan to be looked at next year

A “park and ride” scheme could be coming to Brighton and Hove if it becomes part of the council’s official transport plan.

The issue came up when independent councillor Bridget Fishleigh asked about it on behalf of resident Derek Wright.

Mr Wright said that both Labour and the Conservatives had pledged to introduce a park and ride scheme while campaigning for the council elections in May.

And he asked for a timeline.

Labour councillor Anne Pissaridou, who chairs the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said that the council had declared a climate emergency and was aiming to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

She said that a new transport strategy and plan would be coming forward next year.

Councillor Pissaridou said: “We will be working with large employers and considering a number of their transport projects.

“This will include park and ride.”

Councillor Fishleigh asked if money would be allocate for a park and ride scheme in next year’s budget.

She was told by Nick Hibberd, the council’s executive director for the economy, environment and culture, that this would not be possible until projects had been agreed by councillors.

  1. Peter Challis Reply

    Why do I get the feeling that the council are now back peddling on their election promises.

    Perhaps Anne could explain the council means by becoming carbon neutral by 2030, what declaring a climate emergency entails, what is included in “the city”, and whether the council will lead by example?

  2. Rob Reply

    FINALLY – it is absolutely absurd that people are ushered in to the tiny streets of North Laine to car parks when they could park on the edge, get a bus in and out

    We have been crying out for this for too long – i suggest find space for a27 and a23, then ban number plates not registered locally from entering unless disabled/etc or make them pay – a kind of ULEZ for Brighton

    • Julie Reply

      Does your idea include banning friends & family from around the UK visiting my home by car?

  3. Sue Smith Reply

    As with everything, balance. Given how difficult it is to get in and out of Brighton, even before Valley Gardens, given viable alternatives people will use them.

    But before any decisions they have to look at the full picture.

    I ordered some click and collect goods, if I hadn’t been on the ball I might have collected from a town centre store, but too large to carry or use a bus, I would have had to take my car. On another occasion I ordered to the wrong store and had to pick up by car. (I am being extra careful now.)

    If we have Park and Ride, how late will the buses run? They have to cover for late events, people going clubbing and then to eat. If they don’t, it is not a viable alternative and people will want to bring their cars into the city.

    Then what about car parks? If they are not getting enough money in, what will happen? We need a joined up scheme that covers various needs and reduces the amount of cars in the city, but does not impact on businesses.

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