Neighbours oppose flats plan at Brighton pub

Neighbours are against plans to convert two flats into three above a Brighton pub.

Concerns were outlined in 64 letters objecting to the plans, raising the issue of the structure of the grade II listed pub, the Dyke Alehouse and Kitchen, as well as pressure on parking and over-development.

Since December 2018, the pub at the junction of Dyke Road and Highcroft Villas, Brighton, has been listed as an asset of community value after it closed in 2016.

Half of the ground floor was reopened as a pub last year.

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Plans going before Brighton and Hove City Council’s Planning Committee on Wednesday 8 January would see the first floor converted into a couple of two-bedroom flats and one one-bedroom flat.

A letter of objection from one neighbour, whose details have been redacted on the council website, raised concerns about the impact on people living in nearby Old Mill Mews, saying that there was no room for extra parking or bins.

The neighbour also said: “I fear that the pub, which has been much loved by the community through its various ownerships, will have its historic structure unnecessarily altered by these new developments.

“The construction for these plans would be more than a nuisance with the noise, trucks and debris right at the entrance of the mews which is already congested as it is.

“Much of the sunlight we get is from the open space by the pub which would be compromised by this plan.”

Another objection raised concerns about the impact on the pub.

It said: “Development of residential flats is likely to be to the detriment of the long-term viability for the reopened pub, thereby threatening a much-loved community asset.

“I am concerned that the pub will be open to complaints from new residents of creating a nuisance, again jeopardising its ability to function as a public house.

“Extensive alterations to the building will have a negative impact on the heritage of the site.”

Preston Park ward Green councillors Amy Heley and Siriol Hugh-Jones have also opposed the scheme, with concerns about construction traffic at the busy junction, the impact on people in Old Mill Mews and the threat to the pub.

They said: “As ward councillors, we are deeply concerned by the multiple issues being raised by our residents in Old Mills Mews.

“This proposal would add a significant amount of noise and disruption to an already busy area, as well as potentially causing further problems with lack of parking spaces in the area.

“Residents in Highcroft Villas already live with overflowing bins and even rats on the street due to the amount of household rubbish left on the street, and the present proposal could exacerbate this problem.”

CMK Planning said that it did not “envisage” any harm from the proposal.

The council’s Planning Committee is being advised to grant planning permission.

It is due to decide the application at Hove Town Hall next Wednesday (8 January).

The meeting is scheduled to start at 2pm and should be open to the public.

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    Noise from construction is not a Planning matter although it can be Coniditioned. Otherwise nothing would be built. That said, one could certainly wish there were a ban on angle grinders being used for every DIY job. They are the new sound of summer.

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