Labour quits and hands power to Greens in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 21 Jul 2020 at 7:46 pm

The Labour Party agreed to stand aside this evening and hand power in Brighton and Hove back to the Greens.

Labour is no longer the largest party on Brighton and Hove City Council after one councillor was suspended and two resigned following claims of anti-semitism.

These follow social media posts and statements made by sitting councillors, published in recent days by Brighton and Hove News.

An offer to share power was made to the Greens but this has been turned down.

Labour said: “Following the Green Party’s rejection of Labour’s offer of power-sharing – and since becoming the largest party on Brighton and Hove City Council with 19 councillors to Labour’s 18 – it is only right that Labour step aside and allow the Greens to form a new administration.

“This is in the interest of democracy and in the best interests of the city.

“Labour will embrace opposition and take on the crucial role of standing up for residents and holding the new administration to account from opposition.”

The party said that it was vital to put the needs of residents and businesses first, not party politics, especially during the public health crisis.

The party said: “This means that what’s needed is a smooth and orderly transition but also one that happens quickly so that there is immediate clarity about the leadership of the city.

“Labour will play its full part in handing over and supporting the new administration to get to grips with leading the council at such a difficult time for us all.”

Labour council leader Nancy Platts has asked officers to prepare a report to come to a meeting of the full council on Thursday (23 July) as the first item on the agenda.

The recommendations of the report will state that the Green group will form the administration and that the Labour group will form the official opposition, with immediate effect.

Councillor Platts said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the city I love over the last year. Leading the city council is a role that requires full attention which is why I left my job to take over as council leader and I have no regrets about that.

“As a Labour administration, we should be proud of our achievements since 2015 and the manifesto that we stood on in the local elections.

Councillor Nancy Platts“Since May 2019 we have continued to prioritise building more homes, including council homes, and set up a climate assembly to achieve our goal of becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

“More recently we have helped steer the city through an unprecedented public health crisis and focused our efforts on economic recovery, backing our local businesses and supporting our most vulnerable residents, including children, those with disabilities and older people.

“Let’s not forget that by working in a constructive way with opposition groups, we have gained support for a corporate plan that puts Labour pledges into council policy, a City Plan that provides a blueprint for sustainable development in the city, and a progressive and balanced budget in difficult financial circumstances.

“We must now build on that work to create a fairer city, with a sustainable future, and continue to serve our residents, from opposition.”

  1. Paul J Williams Reply

    Well the Greens better show some common sense and put Brighton and Hove first or I predict a council tax strike next.

    • Stains Reply

      They didn’t the last time that they had control; too much virtue-signalling to be done than to worry about the people they are supposed to represent

    • Steve Reply

      What are you talking about Paul? ‘the Greens’ you are referring to ARE the local council. so of course they are going to put B&H first, they don’t even have an option. At least TRY to form a full & proper argument or case before posting it on a public forum. And no Paul, i’m not a green voter.

    • Les Thomson Reply

      God help us

  2. Skye Reply

    I am hoping greens introduce

    1. Giant recycling bins
    2. Mindfulness areas
    3. Peace areas
    4. Cycling lanes instead of parking
    5. Eco zones
    6. Education v policing

    • a gordon Reply

      why giant recycling bins
      1) reduce
      2) reuse
      3) recycle

  3. Valerie Reply

    Its a poisoned chalice but good luck & Godspeed

    • MYSELF Reply

      Yeahhhh feel free to celebrate. As voters we can invoke a recall and we will.
      You don’t get to size power just coz others had their right of office revoked for, alleged, racism.

      We, the people, get to decide not you power hungry lot

      • Nate Higgins Reply

        The people did decide, and the voted for the Green Party. In 2019, Greens got 34% of the vote and Labour got 32% of the vote.

  4. Nathan Adler Reply

    During what is sure to be a very nasty recession, residents and businesses want stability and the protection of jobs and livelihoods. If the Greens are serious about running this City they may need to pause their Carbon Neutral ambitions to get us out of the impending crisis – if they don’t god help them in three years

  5. John Dough Reply

    It’s a pity that a minority of bullies within the Labour Party who claim to be anti racists, who in reality are anything but that have had a hand in this with their campaign of spurious accusations and online bullying of decent, lifelong socialists and anti racists.

    • Clyde Cash Reply

      How can one be decent and also a socialist?

  6. SM Reply

    As if Labour weren’t a monumental waste of space we are now to be subjected to yet more incompetence from the Green idiots.

    Time to leave this dump.

    • a gordon Reply

      think you need to provide evidence if your gonna make claims Clyde and SM

      • Dave Roberts Reply

        Socialism and those who advocate it killed more people than any other ideology in human history.

  7. Al Thor Reply

    What a joke. This is what happens when you let it antisemites into the Labour Party. You lose control and you end up disgracing the party.

    No one ever mention the word momentum again.

    • Clive Walder Reply

      Why has Starmer not said anything about the vile racism directed against Dawn Butler. They don’t care about anti-Semitism, in fact they deliberately delayed investigating complaints to make it appear to be a problem. It’s about politics. Dawn Butler is on the left of the party

  8. Julio Reply

    Help us!

    • Claire Williams Reply

      Why does this article not explain that this has happened due to 3 Labour Party councillors were openly racist. The racism issue is being brushed under the carpet as antisemitism is so accepted in Brighton and Hove. The 3 racist councillors Should be prosecuted for hate crimes.

  9. Jane Reply

    What a load of crap! That’s so unfair to all the Labour supporters! What was the point of voting???

    • Abi Reply

      That’s the group that wants more democracy but issues a ballot paper with only one name on it

      You had your chance labour and because you were so useless we now have Boris

      Good luck to the greens

    • Will Reply

      Greens should have won the elections last time here are the votes:

      Green = 34%
      Labour = 32%
      Conservative = 21%
      Others = 13%

      Yet due to the crappy voting system, Labour got more seats with fewer votes:
      Labour = 20 seats
      Green = 19 seats
      Conservative = 14 seats
      Independent = 1 seat

      The real question is: what’s the point of First Past the Post that means a party with more votes gets fewer seats!?

  10. Kathleen McMullen Reply

    The Green Party states in its 2019 policy document:

    IP630 The Green Party calls on Israel to evacuate the illegal settlements within the occupied territories of Palestine.

    What is their position on the proposed annexation of parts of the West Bank?

    • Nick Reply

      Are you another Momentum type obsessed with Israel?

  11. Samuel Reply

    Grren party policy
    Indigenous Peoples(i.e. Jews and Palestinains).
    IP221 To win the rights for the indigenous or native people which they themselves claim.
    IP223 To secure by international campaigns the autonomy, land rights and human rights of indigenous peoples and respect for their treaties where appropriate.

  12. John Thomas Reply

    Hope the right in the Brighton & Hove Labour Party are happy now.
    They’ve managed to orchestrate the removal of their own loyal and hardworking councillors (some of whom they canvassed for) on the basis of screenshots of old/past FB posts, without any real and substantial evidence, which has now resulted in the Greens having control of the Council.
    Well done and hope you are happy with your efforts!
    We and they, know who to really blame!

  13. IanIianson Reply

    BiKe LanES gREEn PArTY StUDenTs

  14. Rupert Rivett Reply

    It’s about time Kemptown had its own i360, I suggest it is placed on the old Black Rock area.

    This is just a joke please don’t do this.

  15. Dave Neville-lister Reply

    Now we’re all screwed I’m a disabled rider and love going to the bikers cafe on Madeira drive but can’t go since lockdown what ive hearx its only going to be open for events then closed again sad

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