Man due in court after armed police storm flat in Brighton

Posted On 02 Sep 2020 at 1:10 pm

A Brighton man was due to appear in court today after armed police stormed a flat in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Sussex Police said: “A man has been charged following an incident in Brighton.

“Police were called by ambulance to a report of a man making threats with a knife inside a property in Roedale Court, Upper Hollingdean Road, Brighton, at 11.55pm on Monday (31 August).

“Armed and specialist officers attended to secure the building and bring paramedics to safety.

“Officers safely detained the suspect.

“No injuries were reported.

“Monju Miah, 33, of Roedale Court, in Upper Hollingdean Road, has been charged with assaulting an emergency worker, affray and sending a communication conveying a threatening message.

“He has been remanded in custody to appear at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday (2 September).

“Inquiries are ongoing and anyone with information can report online or call 101, quoting Operation Chervil.”

A relative of the man who was arrested said that he had been suffering from mental health issues including psychosis for several years.

The relative said: “The incident is related to his mental health and blew out of proportion very quickly with the police.

“The mental health team have been working with him and the family to get him the best possible support.”

  1. Sofia Reply

    Why has it not been mentioned even once that he’s mentally unwell? and that he has schizophrenia and many other symptoms for well over the past 12 years. There was no need to publish this especially as he is mentally unstable.

  2. Sabina Reply

    Brighton and Hove news you have left out vital information in regards to this case and are victimising a very vulnerable person who has been battling with psychosis for the past 8 years. We do not also appreciate you deleting messages that have been written by his wellwishers.

    • Frank le Duc Reply

      As far as I’m aware no comments have been deleted.

  3. Kay Reply

    Shocked to see that his mental health did not get mentioned once… for someone that has been battling with mental health for many years to be betrayed as a villain is horrible.

    Suffering from psychosis is not a choice.

  4. Jean Smith Reply

    The arrest and court appearance are/were very public but his mental health is presumably a personal and private matter. Just a guess! If it’s spelt out in court as mitigation then it becomes properly public. I imagine the reporter is trying to do things the right way. And btw if I lived there, I’d expect to be told why there were what sounded like gunshots at 2 o’clock in the morning and all those armed police outside!!!

    • Kay Reply

      Mental health is a very private matter however in a situation like this it should be mentioned as it is a mitigating factor when it comes to criminal conviction. Also when the public know he has mental health implications the circumstances are seen in a different way. The people which live in the same building as him all know about his mental health as it is clear to see so when this situation occurred everyone was understanding and tried to help.

      • Tay Reply

        Very ashamed to be British when I see things like this we live in a country we’re we should have alot more understanding and support for one another. How did Sussex police come to the conclusion to call armed police and flash bang his house. Knowing full well he’s suffering from mental health, i honestly thought only the milatry use them up until now! I honestly feel so bad for him must of been frightened to death. Never in my 24 years have I seen them use such desvices, appealing! Further more putting or allowing his personal information all over the internet but then leaving out valuable information is really not okay. The poor guy has severe mental health so the way Sussex police have handled this situation is appaling, what happen to aspecial response that deal with situations like this, we pay an awful lot in tax not for you to just burst through someone’s door to save you time and effort. If that was your brother, uncle, cousin or even friend you wouldn’t in any means respond like that so why on earth has he been treated like this?! You guys should all be ashamed not a job well done by any means, only made it worse for people and Must of frighten all the naibours too! Shambles!

  5. Frank le Duc Reply

    Thanks for the comments and the feedback and thank you, in particular, to the family member who has been in touch. This story highlights some of the challenges that we face – and that others have to contend with too – when we do our best to report on things that have happened and in which the public rightly has an interest.
    We can only ever report what we see and hear and what people share with us. We try to do this as quickly, accurately and fairly as possible.
    Some information is a matter of public record, especially when a case reaches court, for example, but other information – often the details that provide the background and context – may be private and rely on someone sharing things that can be sensitive.
    There is always a balance to be struck and we appreciate that not everyone will agree with our choices and our judgment in every story that we write. But please keep letting us know what’s happening – and keep giving us your feedback – so that we can report not only what’s going on but how and why so that more people have a better understanding. Thanks again.

  6. Sofia Reply

    So you think it is accurate and fair to show people that he’s a bad person and he did this out of his own will? But missing out the most important bit of all? Disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself. If you are going to report something then repot it “accurately” Or don’t report at all. This shouldn’t be public at all!! Everyone in the flats knows that he’s not well, so does everyone that lives behind the flats most importantly so ones the police. So I don’t understand what was the need of making this public. And if the neighbours wanted to know what happened you could have written a letter to them but no all you have done is named him and shamed when the actual fact is that he is not well.

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