Brighton and Hove put on yellow alert as council launches new covid warning system

Posted On 16 Sep 2020 at 1:48 pm

Brighton and Hove is currently on yellow alert under the city council’s new traffic light based covid warning system, fuelled by young people attending parties.

The city council this afternoon announced it was launching a four-colour alert system, with green the lowest level and red the highest.

The city is currently at yellow, which means cases are on the increase, with 59 confirmed cases in the week up to 10 September, almost double the 32 confirmed cases in the previous 7-day period.

The data is based on figures published on 14 September. More up to date figures are due to be published at 2pm.

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The council says the increase has been greatest in people aged 16-24, and many have caught the virus when visiting friends’ houses and at parties.

The city’s director of public health, Alistair Hill, said: “I’m asking everyone to play their part and follow the guidance.

“To slow the virus we all need to step up physical distancing, wear face coverings where advised, limit contact between households and follow the ‘rule of six’.

“Businesses also have a vital role to play by ensuring they are helping their customers to stay safe.”

The current alert level can be found on this page of the council’s website.

It says the figures for the period up to 10 September are equivalent to a weekly rate of new cases of 20.3 per 100,000 residents.

Although cases are increasing, this is still lower than the rate for England, which was 32.4 per 100,000, during the same period.

The site also addresses difficulties in getting test results, saying: “The national Government has said that they are working hard to improve the situation.

“Until then, our advice is to keep trying to get tested if you have symptoms or have been asked to take a test.

“Keep trying on the NHS website or via 119. You do not need a test if you don’t have symptoms or have not been asked to take one.”

A yellow alert means confirmed cases are low, yellow that they are increasing, amber that they have reached a level of concern and red that the city could be subject to a local lockdown.

  1. Hovelassies Reply

    Not at all surprising. BHCC has had its head in the sand on this one. Alistair Hill, the council’s director of public health, has knowingly and willfully ignored the well-known violation of all COVD mitigation regulations, guidance and practices by Central Hove dormitory hostels that have operated outside the law since the bringing of lockdown. Also operate in breach of planning permission with full knowledge of BHCC. Also demand cash payment for inflated rates sine COVID from itinerants who very conveniently do not add to the BHCC “homeless” count”. Trading standards also aware but ignore. Sue Shanks, Chair of HWB board, aware but ignores. All complicit. All irresponsible. It is a complete circus and a thorough investigations is warranted. The residents of this city deserve better.

  2. Joanna Reply

    Homeless deserve better, farmed around every 6 to 8 weeks! The only cooking facility is a shared microwave when it works? Not allowed one in there room! No laundry! They get like vegan food dropped off at 2pm. Have to go out to try and get more food!! Not good enough! Give these people a fresh start, everyone needs a chance 😢

  3. Ian Reply

    59 cases in a population of 500,000. Fifty-effin-nine.

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