Viral video shows maskless customer abusing staff

Posted On 29 Sep 2020 at 11:54 am

A video showing a customer verbally abusing staff at a Brighton bar after being asked to wear a mask has gone viral.

The footage, which was shot at Brighton Marina Yacht Club on Sunday evening, shows a man sat down and refusing to leave while insulting the young staff members.

He calls the manager shameful and ridiculous and vowed “I will get you, I swear to you, I will do you.”

Who do you f***ing think you are? I don’t care if you get fined, it’s not a problem for me.

“This b**** here is a shameful manager. She’s not a manager, she’s a kid thinking she’s managing something here.”

One of the staff members tells him if he continues the police will be called.

After a couple of minutes, a woman eventually persuades him to leave, which he does while continuing to insult the staff.

Since Thursday, pubs and bars have had to ensure that their customers wear masks while not eating or drinking or face stiff fines as part of the latest measures brought in to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

People with some medical issues, including respiratory conditions, are exempt.

Today, Brighton Marina Yacht Club said it was not currently commenting on the video, but said the police had not been called.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: “We are aware of the video on social media.

“Our policing role during the pandemic has not changed. Our officers will always engage, explain and encourage members of the public with enforcement being used at the time only as a last resort.

“During this health emergency, people need to take personal responsibility for their actions and ensure they are following the current government guidance.

“Our priorities lie with public safety and ensuring the force can operate effectively to those who need us. We would expect businesses to manage their premises as they have been doing so for a number of weeks now however if there is disorder, this should be reported to police. You can report matters to us either online or call 101, in an emergency dial 999.

“Contact will be made with the business to establish the full circumstances.”

  1. CT Reply

    outrageous behaviour. And not just abuse, but also threats “I will get you, I will do you”. He should be charged and the book thrown at him.

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