Burglars jailed for two years each despite fleeing empty-handed from Hove store

Posted On 15 Oct 2020 at 5:19 pm

Two burglars have been jailed for two years each despite fleeing empty-handed after breaking into an electrical shop in Hove.

Aurelian Gheorghe, left, and Andrei Metea

Aurelian Gheorghe, 41, of no fixed address, and Andrei Metea, also known as Metea Eduard, 22, of Winchester Avenue, London, were sentenced by Judge Christine Henson at Hove Crown Court on Friday (9 October).

Sussex Police said: “Two men who broke into an electrical retailer – but got away with nothing – have been jailed for a total of four years.

“Police were alerted to a break in at Currys PC World, in Old Shoreham Road, Hove, at around 4am on (Sunday) 2 August.

“Officers arrived at the scene and discovered a large hole in the rear of the premises where the suspects had forced entry.

“Damage was caused to a number of stock rooms where they had attempted to gain access but they fled the scene empty-handed.

“Inquiries led to an Audi being stopped on the A23 north of Brighton. The two occupants were found to be wearing the same items of clothing as those seen at the break in and items recovered from the vehicle included a drill, several bags, gloves and a head torch.

“Aurelian Gheorghe, 41, of no fixed address, and Andrei Metea, 22, of Winchester Avenue, London, were arrested and charged with burglary with intent to steal.”

In May two men were jailed for their part in another burglary at the store after goods worth up to £80,000 were stolen in March.

Marian Ghita, 44, a binman, and car cleaner Cristian Rusu, 29, were part of a four-strong masked gang that broke into the branch.

They stole mobile phones, laptops and other electrical goods but the pair were caught heading home up the M23 and their haul was recovered.

Ghita, of Ivinghoe Road, Dagenham, London, was jailed for 30 months and Rusu, of Auckland Road, Redbridge, London, was jailed for two years.

  1. Graham Bell Reply

    I wonder what percentage of crime in this country is committed by foreigners? Going by the news that I read and watch, I’d say at least 80%. Anyone got the actual number?

    • Fishwife, 49 Reply

      By “foreigner”, do you mean “anyone who doesn’t have an Anglo-Saxon or Norman surname”?

    • bill Reply

      Very low, the VAST overwhelming majority of convictions in UK courts are of white people,

      2017 latest uk government figures:
      Asian: 10,635
      Black: 18,384
      Mixed: 5,398
      White: 140,701
      Other (inc Chinese) 2,230

      Very easy to Google, rather than ask an obviously leading question here!

      Basically, most of the stuff posted in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun are distortions of facts & figures to get the gullible furious or grab a headline to get people to BUY newspapers. Nothing more, nothing less, our current PM is a prime example of someone who has distorted the truth for years and got away with it!

      Just ask these same questions at fullfact.org and you’ll get the truer picture, CRIME is actually going down overall, and it’s not “foreigners” doing it anyway.


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