Will seafront lanterns ever be restored?

Posted On 11 Nov 2020 at 5:14 pm

Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle says he is concerned that corroded seafront heritage lamps which are being removed may never be replaced like for like.

Modern replacement lamps have been installed this week on Madeira Drive after 20 were found to be dangerously corroded and needed to be taken down.

Ten were taken down last year, and the council says another 40 will be removed and replaced over the next year.

The council began a review of the lamps in 2016, after one smashed to the ground in Marine Parade.

A lantern which fell and smashed in Marine Parade in 2016

Mr Russell-Moyle said: “We have had three heritage lights on marine parade (by Sussex Square, Dukes Mound and one further along) which have had their heritage laps removed and or replaced with temp lights.

“This has been for more than three years now and when I last wrote to the council they said they were exploring the situation but hadn’t actually come up with a cost effective situation.

“My worry is that removing and replacing with a working alternative without a plan or budget to replace will mean that the lights never go back. The council must ensure that they urgently work to replace a new cast like for like.”

Resident Derek Wright, who took the picture of the replacement latern above, said: “The council needs to learn to consult the residents before they starting such sensitive work explaining precisely their intentions.

“I hope these unsuitable replacement lanterns are for a short while, while the original ones are updated and restored to match all the other lanterns along Madeira Drive.”

Last month, when it announced the damaged lanterns would be coming down, the council said an independent consultancy firm which specialises in lighting will be working with English Heritage on a longer term plan to replace them.

Amy Heley, chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee said: “Our seafront lighting is an iconic part of the city and we will be looking at options for replacing the lanterns so that we don’t lose any of that visual history, but the safety of our residents and visitors is a key priority.”

  1. Ian Chaplin Reply

    We lost ours on Hove Lawns several years ago.

  2. chris woods Reply

    I don’t really understand the point of placing these beautiful victorian lamps on a register of architecture worthy of heritage protection if the council just watch them deteriorate until they are scrap metal ?

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