All Bar One badly damaged in North Street blaze

Posted On 16 Nov 2020 at 3:42 pm

All Bar One in Brighton was badly damaged during the blaze which shut North Street for several hours on Friday.

The pub is currently closed because of lockdown and no members of staff were at the scene when the fire started at about 5am.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is still investigating the blaze, but Sussex Police said it is not considered suspicious at this time.

An All Bar One Brighton spokesperson said: “We can confirm there has been significant damage caused to the bar due to a fire and that the bar, which is currently closed due to lockdown restrictions, will remain closed until all damages are fully assessed and the necessary repairs are completed.

“We can also confirm there were no team members on site at the time the fire occurred.

“We’d like to thank the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service for their swift response and the action they took.”

ESFRS is not yet disclosing where the blaze in Pavilion Buildings started.

A spokeswoman said: “As this incident is currently under investigation we won’t be releasing any further information at this stage.”

The building dates from 1934 for the Brighton and Hove Herald weekly newspaper. It was the head office until the Herald ceased publication in 1971.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Glad that nobody was hurt and wish the pub well but why does the spokesperson refer to “team members” instead of the succinct “staff” (as, indeed, Jo Wadsworth uses)? What’s more, “team members” is surely a tautology as a team comprises members: “team” would have sufficed if the spokesperson did not care for the word “staff”. Over here, in Hove, such matters are keenly debated, and Brighton could learn from this.

    • Nigel Furness Reply

      In the Hove which I inhabit Christopher (the REAL Hove as opposed to that one in a parallel Universe), I find that people are far more concerned with discussing the important issues of the day such as: the pros and cons of the ongoing Covid ‘crisis,’ the Attempted theft of the American Election by the ‘Democrats,’ the truly awful state of dilapidation in Hove Town Centre and particularly, when WILL we wrest control of our beloved country from the clutches of that EVIL EMPIRE, otherwise known as the EUROPEAN UNION of SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS!
      It really doesn’t leave much, if any, time to muse over pedantics such as the precise employment of English terminology.
      You should try to pop into some of the pubs which I frequent and join in our discussions—we’re a very democratic lot, you know.
      Oh dear, am I having another ‘senior moment?’
      Haven’t you been barred from a few of them for your tyrannical behavour?
      Perhaps you’ll kindly refresh my aged memory?

      • Christopher Hawtree Reply

        Poor old Mr. Furness, heavy with the capital letters, appears to be so much in the grip of obsession that he cannot recognise light banter when he sees it – something enjoyed by many people here in Hove, and indeed Sussex Square.

        And once again we see that Mr. Furness is a liar. He slyly, by means of a question, insinuates that I have been barred from pubs. I certainly have not been.

        • NIgel Furness Reply

          Unlike you, Christopher, “Poor old Mr. Furness,” ( much the same age as you, by the way), has never stood accused at the Brighton Town Hall public despatch box, by a then Lead Councillor, of being an “obsessive compulsive” for asking, via a Supplementary Question, how many power points were in the Jubilee Library!
          As for my being: “Unable to recognise light banter,” nothing could be further from the TRUTH but I recognised your comments for what they were—an attempt to INTELLECTUALLY BELITTLE the reporting staff of this excellent on-line publication!
          Furtermore, even if the said remarks WERE supposed to be “light banter,” I hardly think that they were appropriate in the context a devastating pub fire—perhaps another one to add to the growing list of hostelries in which you are no longer welcome!!
          “Once again we see that Mr. Furness is a liar,” you trumpet.
          WILL YOU NEVER LEARN from your PAST MISTAKES Christopher?
          In the run-in to the 2015 Local elections in Central Hove Ward, against the better advice of my Party (UKIP’s) Lawyers, I opted for generosity of spirit rather than pursuing a LIBEL CASE against you in the courts.
          As you well know, Christopher, when your ‘Green’ Party colleagues informed me that you were to be deselected for your scurrilous behaviour, I felt that that was sufficient punishment to fit the crime and we’ll leave it at that.
          Whereas I’m seldom wrong on these matters, as well you know, Christopher, you’ve given me pause for thought with this latest DEFAMATORY outburst; Ask yourself this, if youwill:why on earth would I need to LIE about YOU when you seemingly render yourself RIDICULOUS on virtually every occasion that you dash to your keyboard?
          As Nigel Farage might well say: “YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP! COULD YOU?”
          Now a word to the wise WORDSMITH, if I may— in order to avoid prosecution in the courts for both LIBLE and SLANDER, it is advisable to prefix accusations with with that wonderful and all-to-seldom-used English word—TANTAMOUNT!—it worked for me in the High Court of Justice in 1997 when, representing myself, I succeeded in defeating then Prime minister John Major (in the shape of his Barrister), and to think—fomer Hove Tory MP, Tim Sainsbury, coughed-up HALF-A-MILLION QUID for that esteemed Lawyer’s fees!
          I do trust that you will pay good heed to my FREE advice, Christopher, for next time it may prove to be EXCEEDINGLY COSTLY!!!
          I’ll conclude, for now, by quoting, if I may, Einsteine’s Definition of Insanity: “To repeat the same mistake endlessly, whilst expecting a different outcome, is truly the definition of INSANITY!

          • Christopher Hawtree

            As I have previously pointed out, I was not deselected by the Green Party in 2015. I stood as MP candidate on the same day as the Local Elections. It would have looked feeble to hedge one’s bets by standing for both (as well as all the campaigning effort): the ukip candidate stood for both, and failed. The Green Party does not “deselect” people: candidates put themselves forward and are chosen, after discussion. I was continually being urged by Elections Co-Ordinator Sue Shanks to stand in the Local Election but said that I had decided not to do so at the outset (as did the Conservative candidate Graham Cox).

            Mr. Furness says that I criticised this site’s staff when I was calling attention to the management speak of the quoted pub’s spokesperson (“team members” instead of staff).

            Part of Mr. Furness’s condition – evident in his capitals-laden torrent – is that he is a compulsive liar. He repeats his claim that I am barred from pubs. I have never been barred from a pub.

            My point about the electrical sockets in the Jubilee Library was pertinent. There is a grid of over a hundred of them in the very floor. This makes one wonder whether they were installed with an eye on the building being used for something other than bookshelves. The Lead Councillor was David Smith, who had no grasp of Libraries as a subject, he was out of his depth.

  2. Melee Reply

    Are you feeling like you are on the brink of losing control and feel capital letters can help you regain it?

    • Nigel Furness Reply

      Are YOU one of these people, Melee, who was never taught how to costruct sentences?
      But thank you for enquiring as to my current state of health; I’m delighted to tell you that I’m in rude health!

  3. Melee Reply

    Not sure Nigel but I do know how to constructively spell ‘construct’ and I assure you it has an ‘n’ in it.

    • Nigel Furness Reply

      How kind of you to point that out, Melee, I do apologise.
      It’s my eyes, you see.

  4. Nigel Furness Reply

    Dear Editor,
    Iwish to reply to Christopher Hawtree’s comment posted on 18th November at 7.45 am but, for some curious reason, there is no REPLY box next to the article.
    Could you please explain why this is the case?
    Many thanks.

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