Riskee & The Ridicule promise raucous night out

Posted On 24 Sep 2021 at 4:44 pm

Riskee & The Ridicule at the Green Door Store, Brighton 28.07.19 (pic Cris Watkins Photography/PunkInFocus) (click on pic to enlarge!)

Riskee & The Ridicule are a potent cocktail of highly infectious punk rock infused with grime and spiked with slabs of metallic hardcore. Add politically charged lyricism peppered throughout with wit, choruses written to chant along to and hooks to drag you in, all combine to create a punk band like no other.

It is therefore thankful that local gig goers will again get a chance to witness this energetic band in action when they take over Patterns at 10 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TL on Friday 19th November. Grab your tickets HERE.

Riskee & The Ridicule live at The Underground, Camden, London 25.01.20 (pic Cris Watkins Photography PinkInFocus) (click on pic to enlarge!)

German Doner Kebab

The band consists of Scott Picking (lead vocals), Jimbo Aglony (guitars/vocals), Matt Verrell (bass plus drums/vocals) and Jordan Mann (lead guitar/backing vocals). Their recorded output can be found on their Bandcamp page. Their 2019 ‘Body Bag Your Scene’ album is still available on limited turquoise vinyl, which looks rather nice!

Riskee’s ‘Body Bag Your Scene’  album

The Brighton & Hove News Music Team have reviewed their previous performances at The Underworld in Camden on 25th January 2020 and locally at the Green Door Store on 28th July 2019. Both nights were cracking events!

For the London show we said:
“No Riskee show would be complete without ‘Molotov Cocktails’ which gets the biggest sing along with the crowd screaming back every word. The 75-minute set ends in style with a double whammy of ‘Roots’ and the classy ‘Banger’ which sees the masses go absolutely nuts.
Riskee have a solid adoring fan base, and it is only going to get bigger if they keep delivering shows of this calibre”.

Patterns will host the concert (pic Nick Linazasoro)

For the Green Door Store, we stated:
“To call tonight’s show enjoyable just doesn’t do it justice. This is the most impressive set I’ve heard from Riskee, the band are tight as the proverbial gnats rear end, with an intenseness that outshines previous shows I’ve seen over the last few years, most notably when they first came to my attention when supporting The King Blues back at the Haunt and earlier this year at Camden Rocks”.

Find out more about the band HERE.

Gig flyer

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