Hagar The Womb and friends – Prince Albert gig report

Posted On 01 Nov 2021 at 1:03 pm

The Prince Albert hosted the Hagar The Womb concert (pic taken on another day by Nick Linazasoro)


Halloween began on a wet and windy Saturday evening (with the odd hint of sunshine) and the fancy dress brigade were out in force in Brighton centre (not the venue). On the horrifying menu tonight at The Prince Albert were the legendary Hagar The Womb who had arisen from their lockdown tomb to perform for us tonight.

They originally formed in London in the early 80’s and most famously created their idea for the band in the Wapping Anarchy Centre toilets. They were a big part of the London Anarcho scene at the time and released many records, including the high accolade of recording a Peel Session. The ‘Word Of The Womb’ EP went to No.6 in the indie charts in 1984 and George Orwell may have been watching (in another life). When the band split up in 1987, various members went on to form ‘We Are Going To Eat You’ and ‘Melt’ who both celebrated success in the indie scene.

Since reforming in 2011, Hagar The Womb have released various records on ‘Grow Your Own Records’ and travelled far and wide on the gigging circuit including a headline slot at a festival in California. They have also most recently had a song included on the ‘No One’s Little Girls’ compilation album in aid of International Women’s Day (also on G.Y.O Records) which is a subject very close to their hearts. They are also scheduled to play ‘Breaking Barriers Fest’ in Belgium (20th May 2022) with Pussy Riot.

Pog live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 30.10.21 (pic Mel Gordine-Tyler)

First up tonight were local Black Metal legends ‘Pog’ (Putrification Of Goats) who were all set to summon Beelzebub to the upstairs room of The Prince Albert tonight. I’m only joking mind you, because ‘Pog’ are in fact a band formed from the ashes of local legends ‘Anal Beard’ who play music in a more indie/folk/punk vein. Even their singer Paul Stapleton mentioned similarities to Belle & Sebastian, but I think they have a sound of their own. They have released a plethora of records over the years and are also a hard working gigging band, so this band was very familiar with the big crowd gathered in the room tonight.

After fighting through the hordes of walking dead in town tonight, I managed to stumble into the room mid way through their set, just in time to catch their ode to Vi Subversa (‘A Life Well Lived’) which was a poignant song dedicated to another local legend and singer of ‘The Poison Girls’ who sadly passed away a few years ago. Pog were tight and they seemed to feed from the warmth of the room. Bethan’s violin playing shone through and Deacon’s keyboards gave them the pop sheen they are striving for. They ended with a song called ‘Class War’ and Beelzebub slept easy tonight.

Listen to them HERE.

The Bone Records live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 30.10.21 (pic Mel Gordine-Tyler)

Next up, were local crypt kickers by the name of ‘The Bone Records’ which sounded like a much more gothic proposition. I was wrong again, as their sound was more akin to the Mod revival. After the first couple of songs, I felt like digging out my parka and getting the nearest rocker in a headlock before riding off into the night on my Vespa.

The band consisted of Vasco Menezes on guitar and vocals, Al Deacon on guitar and vocals also, Donna Edmead on vocals, Steve Madell on bass and Andy Arnold on the drums (Steve Madell had his work cut out tonight as he was also playing stand in rhythm guitar for Hagar The Womb too). ‘The Bone Records’ were also a tight unit and played catchy songs to an appreciative audience who welcomed them with open arms.

Listen to them HERE.

Hagar The Womb live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 30.10.21 (pic Mel Gordine-Tyler)

Hagar The Womb were next to grace the stage and by this time the room was packed. They had a slightly re-shuffled line-up tonight as Karen Amsden had to perform all vocal duties as her normal vocal partner (Ruth Elias) could not make it due to being stranded in Wales because of Covid. Steph Summer who played rhythm guitar has now sadly left the band, but was being replaced with Steve Madell for this evening, which left Karen to announce that as the only “woman in the band tonight they were more Hagar the Penis than Womb!”

Mitch Flacko on bass (dis)gracefully filled in on some of the vocal parts in true ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ fashion. Tonight Matthew…..I will be Ruth of Hagar The Womb. They started their set with a rabble rousing rendition of the classic ‘Idolisation’ which got the crowd going from the get go. They kept those dancing feet moving by playing one of their newer ska infused songs (‘Hated By The Daily Mail’) and Steve Madell got in full flow with his guitar poses.

Hagar The Womb live at The Prince Albert, Brighton 30.10.21 (pic Mel Gordine-Tyler)

There is always a party atmosphere at a Hagar The Womb gig and tonight was no exception. Mitch took his bass guitar mid song to the bar and paraded through the crowd in true Mitch fashion. They played songs new and old and pleased the packed room of Satan worshippers gathered here tonight.

People screamed for an encore, but they had no more songs to play. Karen did a sterling job on the vocals and a good time was had by all. Well done to The Prince Albert tonight and Ian Mackenzie for putting the gig on. Now it was time to finish my pint of wolf’s blood and catch my Uber hearse home before nailing myself back into my coffin until the next time.

Listen to them HERE.

Hagar The Womb setlist

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