‘Tyre extinguisher’ campaign puts innocent lives at risk

Posted On 24 Mar 2022 at 1:08 pm

Recent news stories report that a number of vehicles across Brighton and Hove have had their tyres deflated and slashed as part of a campaign by so-called “trye extinguisher” activists.

I want to take this opportunity to condemn these mindless acts.

I am also aware that police have launched an investigation and it has been reported that the tyres of several cars have been damaged in an apparent escalation of the controversial tactics.

Similar acts have also occurred in other cities and legal experts have said that these activities could be criminal offences.

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Regardless, this “tyre extinguisher” campaign is irresponsible and potentially dangerous. It is a really nasty campaign, involving criminal activity and the damaging of people’s cars.

This damage could put people’s lives in danger and has affected residents who rely on their cars because they have a disability and families with young children.

It could be a nurse or your doctor’s vehicle being vandalised next.

In the process, they are also bizarrely targeting the electric vehicles of those making efforts to be more environmentally conscious.

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I know that the police are taking the matter seriously and I urge them to continue to do all they can to catch those responsible and put a stop to this campaign.

I feel passionately about tackling the climate crisis and I understand emotions running high regarding this vital issue. But vandalising people’s vehicles and potentially putting them – and others – in danger is not the way to go about this and should not be tolerated in our city.

The environmental situation is dire and needs answering but it’s a complex and nuanced situation that minor acts of vandalism show no signs of improving.

The right way to do it is to lobby your politicians to get taxes raised on large vehicles, campaign for better public transport and keep the pressure up on the council to deliver on the recommendations of the city’s first ever Climate Assembly.

I hope the city’s Green administration and MP will join Labour in condemning the actions of these vandals and focus on incentivising people to use greener forms of transport.

If anything needs to be extinguished, it is the dangerous tactics employed in this campaign.

Councillor Gary Wilkinson speaks for Labour on Brighton and Hove City Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee.

  1. Nathan Adler Reply

    Well said Cllr Wilkinson but don’t expect to hear anything from the Green Administration or Caroline Lucas MP they secretly seem to approve of this criminal behaviour

  2. Idgie Reply

    “The right way to do it is to lobby your politicians”

    That’s rich coming from a politician who doesn’t respond to residents’ emails on any subject.

  3. Car Delenda Est Reply

    “I hope the city’s Green administration and MP will join Labour in condemning the actions of these vandals and focus on incentivising people to use greener forms of transport.”

    Said one of the two councillors who voted to remove the OSR temporary cycle lane.

    • Dave Reply

      OSR cycle lane created more pollution, was undemocraticaly installed and was loathed by the electorate. Not to mention a disgusting waste of money. That money could have been used putting cycle lanes elsewhere in the city where people actually cycle. get over it.

      • Car Delenda Est Reply

        Sources please?

    • katy Reply

      Technically it was two political groups who voted to remove a temporary cycle lane that was installed under emergency legislation and following a public consultation. I believe Labour subsequently supported the extension of all the remaining schemes. They introduced the new walking and cycling plan, as well as the city’s first citizen’s assembly on transport, and are pushing for a park and ride scheme. So actually, in truth, are trying to encourage people to move to alternative ways of traveling. Importantly, they really consult.

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