ParaladosanjoS: The Twins Review

The Twins – Os Gêmeos

Watching this beautiful new show at Brighton’s Spiegeltent yesterday with sun streaming through the art deco windows to watch this new family friendly show from performers from Brazilian circus performance company ParaladosanjoS was such a delight.

Devised in collaboration between Brighton’s Aurelius Productions and Brazil , this production is one of two different performances at the Brighton Fringe this year by the same company, this year’s winner of the The Pebble Trust International Touring Bursary.

Loosely based on the writings of author Angela Carter and in particular her most notable novel Wise Children (I assume), brought robust circus music, mime and acrobatic aerial trapese to an assembled group of families and rapt children. The 1920s wooden Spiegeltent is a perfect setting for this.

Harking back to a bygone era of circus, the show features twin girls born and bred in the circus. The duo, dressed the same, are a quirky, rambunctious duo. With a charming sense of mischief, the pair’s antics were lapped up by the audience. Part of the joy was watching the young audience’s faces, I saw one little girl absolutely light up with glee.

Performed by the two founder-members of this award-winning physical theatre company, the show, using mime and some old school slapstick amongst other devices, tells the story of the twins as they gambol and cavort through their circus sawdust world. Later, separated by tragedy, they try to find their way back home to each other, triumphing over adversity.

With some mesmerising flying hula hoop aerial activities, and at points accompanied by a musical saw, this show at times had the feel of a silent movie. It was very of its era, and charming with it.

Throw in some cross dressing Charleston dance, as well as references to favourites including Bizet’s Carmen, an unusual performance of the Can Can, makes this a funny, family-friendly show. I really loved the accompanying music. Definitely one to watch!

The artists have another show aimed at an older audience Wet and Dry coming up next week too at the same venue.

Suitable for all ages.

Performed by Marilia Ennes and Marcos Becker.
Directed/choreographed by Dorothy Max Prior
Music composed by James Foz Foster

There is a linked workshop on Monday 16 May, 3-5pm
Email for info

Brighton Spiegeltent, Old Steine Gardens, Brighton BN1 1GY
£6.00 – £8.00 – 14 May 2022 17:00 – 18:00

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