Change of mayor brings council committee shake up

The election of a new mayor and the recent Rottingdean Coastal by-election have led to a shake up of who chairs and sits on a number of council committees.

Green councillor Lizzie Deane has taken over as mayor of Brighton and Hove from Labour councillor Alan Robins who served two terms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Deane has stepped down as the chair of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Licensing Committee to take up the politically neutral role of mayor.

She also spoke for the Greens on the council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee – a task taken on now by Councillor Pete West.

Her duties as “first citizen” include chairing the meetings of the full council in the municipal year to next May.

Green councillor Zoe John, who won her seat on the council in a by-election in Hollingdean and Stanmer ward a year ago, becomes the new chair of the Licensing Committee.

Another Green councillor, Siriol Hugh-Jones, becomes the joint deputy leader of the council, taking over from her colleague Councillor Sue Shanks.

After serving as mayor, Councillor Robins returns to the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee.

He will also speak for Labour on the Health and Wellbeing Board, taking over from Councillor Theresa Fowler.

Their Labour colleague Gary Wilkinson becomes the new chair of the Audit and Standards Committee. Councillor Wilkinson takes over from Councillor Daniel Yates.

Councillor Robert Mcintosh, who won Labour’s first seat in Rottingdean Coastal last month, taking the seat from the Tories, will serve on two committees.

He joins the Housing Committee and the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee.

Independent councillor Bridget Fishleigh, who also represents Rottingdean Coastal, has stepped down from the Planning Committee to focus on ward work.

Another Independent councillor, Peter Atkinson, joins the Audit and Standards Committee.

  1. paul ronald white Reply

    When you think things cant get any worse get the green party out ASAP

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      I doubt that you will be standing for the Punctuation Party.

      If you wish there to be a different Party in charge, then you have to act for it rather than type badly.

  2. Martha Gunn Reply

    And what of other news from the Rialto of BHCC? (Christopher H. will like that reference.)
    Who else in this ridiculous band of buffoons has been shuffled?
    Does Cllr Heley, that splendid example of truly bad local government in action, retain her sinecure?
    Or does she deservedly get consigned to the dustbin of history?
    We rarely come across someone who would be more worthy of it.

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