Preston Park garden to show how to live the Good Life

Posted On 01 Mar 2010 at 8:05 am

Do you fancy having a go at growing your own fruit and veg? A new vegetable garden in Preston Park aims to show budding Tom and Barbaras just how easy it is.

Harvest Brighton and Hove is planning to set up the demonstration garden, on a small patch near the Rotunda Cafe by the yew hedge, for three years

Harvest Brighton and Hove says: “We are going to create a flourishing garden packed with colour, textures, scent and taste. It will be five metres by five metres with raised beds and containers showing different planting styles. The garden will show the possibilities of growing your own produce, even in a small space.

The garden will be set up and run by the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership‘s growing officer with support from a team of volunteers, who will themselves learn skills and techniques.

Volunteers are wanted to help set up the garden, manage it, and take home some of the harvest. Donations of tools, including spades, rakes, wheelbarrows, rubber mallets and bags of compost are also needed. Contact Sarah or Jess on or 01273 431 70.

  1. Paul O Donnell Reply

    hi i would love the chance to grow some veg i live down the road from preston park and would be happy to lend a hand or a strong back
    please let me know

  2. jess Reply

    Hi Paul, thanks for the offer, there’s more info here:, please get in touch and we can put you on the list of volunteers!

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