Brighton MP contacts police about traveller allegations

Posted On 07 Jun 2011 at 11:23 pm

An MP has urged police to look into claims of theft and criminal damage in Woodingdean at the weekend.

Simon Kirby, the Conservative MP for Brighton Kemptown, has written to Sussex Police after claims were made about the behaviour of a group of travellers.

He asked what steps were being taken to investigate allegations of theft, damage and fouling in Happy Valley, Falmer Road, Woodingdean.

Mr Kirby said yesterday: “There is clear need for firm evidence of wrong-doing.

“But I have received many emails in my parliamentary inbox this morning from constituents who have reported to me a number of examples of anti-social behaviour over the weekend in and around Happy Valley.

“I have been in touch with the police this morning asking what specific measures are being taken to look into these matters and what action will be taken.

“Many constituents are becoming ever more worried about the presence of travellers and when they will finally be moved on – not only from Happy Valley but wherever they are in Brighton.”

  1. teresa Reply

    i was approached by a traveller woman! on the happy valley site who wanted to know whose car was blocking her exit from the park! i told her i didn’t know so she drove across the football pitch where 22 boys were involved in a game of football! i shouted to tell the boys to stand still after a word with the opposition manager she promptly drove back across the pitch! at the end of the match as i got to the afore mentioned exit she accosted us and started to film me with her mobile saying she had rights & i was not allowed to stop her ! i reminded her that we all have rights & that criminal damage & threatening behaviour are not rights she was very abusive and i just let her use her prefanity as i am an intelligent woman & refuse to lower myself to that level.BUT if they are allowed on that PUBLIC park i will not pay my council community charge/tax ! the wooded area to the side of the car park is full of human excrement and they have broken both the goal posts and dug holes in the pitch…my sons are no longer allowed to play down there as fear of what they may find or catch.
    I, in my proffession practise inclusive and non discriminitive practises, I have no predjuces and am not judgemental !BUT they have proven all the negatives comments and views to be correct and i never thought that i would agree but after the experience i and fellow football players parents had feel that they are not welcome in our society.

  2. Mr Smith Reply

    ohh wow the traveling community are back in brighton Wild Park in Moulsecoomb i wonder if it was money issues that mean that little preventative bump hump along Wild Park in Moulsecoomb , its going to cost the council a lot more now to remove them / clear up after the travelers have gone ..

  3. anonymous Reply

    Stanmer park can take them … but where do they empty the porta toilets there .. sadly i see the clean up in Wild park and its not looking like the memorials have escaped the attention of the travelers . Thanks for that next time please dont unlock the gates

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