Former Brighton PC jailed for four years for rape

Posted On 24 Jun 2011 at 5:17 pm

A former Brighton police officer has been jailed for four years for rape.

Sean Allman, 47, a Brighton traffic officer for 16 years until 2002, was also jailed for two years for beating up his wife.

The sentences are consecutive, making six years in total.

His, offences came to light after he threatened to kill his 43-year-old wife before Christmas last year.

He was sent to prison yesterday by a judge having been convicted by a jury at an earlier hearing.

The jury was told that Allman’s wife had suffered sustained violence and abuse at his hands for 23 years and their children had seen his behaviour.

He was arrested by police after threatening to kill his wife on Wednesday 22 December last year.

Officers from the Sussex Police Anti-Victimisation Unit handled the case and found that former Brighton resident Allman had twice raped a woman in Hampshire in 1985.

His victim, now 45, was a woman he knew.

Allman, who told the court that he had no fixed address, was found guilty of both counts of rape and of three counts of assaulting his wife.

He will be on the sex offenders register for life.

Detective Constable Stewart Cameron from Brighton said: “This trial and the subsequent conviction and sentence of Allman shows that domestic abuse will not be tolerated, regardless of how long ago the offences were committed.

“Being raped by Allman left his first victim traumatised for the last quarter of a century.

“And Allman’s wife and children were subjected to over 20 years of violence and abuse.

“Finally justice has been done for these victims.”

  1. Robert Reply

    SIX Years what a total joke he should have got life. What would he have ot if this was in America 30 40 or life long, we are so soft on crime no wonder we have so much.

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