Petition urges Brighton and Hove opposition parties to oust Greens

Posted On 01 Dec 2012 at 11:17 am

A petition has been started calling on the Labour and Conservative parties to work together to take over Brighton and Hove City Council from the Greens.

The petition, which is on the council’s website, is entitled: “Vote of no confidence in the current Green administration and the establishment of a coalition between Conservative, Labour and independent councillors.”

It says: “We the undersigned petition the council to request that the Labour and Conservative groups form a coalition administration and take over the running of the city from the current Green administration.

“The current administration has shown a profound lack of understanding with regards to business in the city of Brighton and Hove.

“Increased parking charges and money wasted on cycle routes that are hardly used are just two of the glaring acts of vandalism that the Green administration has committed.

“Before more businesses and jobs and frontline services are lost due to their mismanagement, the other parties represented in the council put down their cudgels and form a coalition to run the city until the next local election.

“The damage that will be done to the city over the next two years could take decades to recover from.

“With your help we can return the city to prosperity while improving the environment and creating jobs.

“We need people in charge of the city who are interested in its citizens.

“Leaving the Greens to mess up and hope people won’t vote for them next time is not a sustainable policy.”

The council is made up of 54 members. There are 22 Greens councillors, 18 Conservatives and 13 Labour. Former Green councillor Christina Summers sits as an Independent.

Adam Campbell, a shopkeeper in Western Road, Hove, who has campaigned against loading restrictions outside his business, started the e-petition on Thursday (29 November). It can be found here.

Mr Campbell expects it to be presented at the council meeting on Thursday 31 January.

So far it has been signed by 29 people.


  1. Feebs Reply

    Whats the point, is I AM an avid Labour supporter, and coming from Wales, to Brighton – which struck is as far better, why would you want this to be taken over, especially by tories?

  2. Tim Wilson Reply

    Well there is another E petition i’m canvassing signatures for.

    I’ve got until the 14th October to get 1250 signatures and this will allow a full no confidence debate at the next council meeting on the 24th October.

    I’ve also got a facebook page setup to get imput from residents of Brighton & Hove as to where they think the council are failing us.

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